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NEW – Multifunction Frame Fixings Guide 

By Nikki Allen     


Multifunction frame plugs also known as frame fixings, are one of the most popular fixings when looking to mount façade substructures made of wood or metal, metal brackets and wooden slats, or windows and door fixings. 

Compared to chemical fixings, frame fixings are far less expensive not even considering the curing times. Instead, with the multifunction frame plug MFR, you can immediately install the plug with the application. The advantage compared to metal anchors is the suitability for almost all substrates and not just concrete, like for metal anchors. This means that with just one product you cover a wide range of applications in concrete, perforated and solid bricks, as well as aerated concrete.

But with this wide range of applications, it can often be difficult to know and choose the right type of fixing, which is why CELO has created this simple guide to help the installer decide. 

The "Easy guide to choosing your frame plug" takes the installer step-by-step, going through the different decisions needed to find the right fixing. From the different head types of the plug and screw the installer can choose, the materials and applications that will be worked on, and understanding what makes CELO's frame plug MFR the best choice. 

CELO‘s MFR 10 comes with 2 approved setting depths of 50 mm and 70 mm  for a larger variety of applications than other frame fixings. They can also be combined with other innovative products such as the ProtectFIX® for a maximum security bracket, that provides fall and burglary protection for windows and doors. 

CELO offers a wide range of MFR frame fixings, made in Germany, they have gone through extensive testing and are ETA approved and made from high-quality ageing-, weather- and UV-resistant nylon.

About CELO
CELO is a family-owned international company that is dedicated to the design and manufacturing of high-quality screws and fixings; with manufacturing plants in Spain, Germany, China and the United states, as well as 10 logistics centres across four continents.