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Vibration-resistant ActiveX developed by Yamazaki Active

by Shun Otsuki
President & Editor in Chief KINSAN FASTENER NEWS


Yamazaki Active (Nagano Prefecture) exhibited at the 12th "Vibration Technology Exhibition" (March 17-18, Pacifico Yokohama) and introduced the anti-loosening bolts, nuts and washers "ActiveX".

ActiveX is a bolt / nut product that has a uniquely shaped skirt on the head to provide a high anti-loosening effect.

This product has a mechanism to create an expanded internal space in the skirt and absorb vibrations and shocks by elastic deformation.

It does not require a double nut and can be used over and over again. NAS3350 standard and Junker type vibration test data are also released. In addition to bolts, nuts, and cap bolts, the company also has a lineup of washer types that can be attached to standard bolts to add ActiveX functions.

At the exhibition booth, they said, "Even if a big impact is applied, it absorbs the impact and does not sink the seat surface. By appealing the feature that can suppress and reduce the vibration that causes slack, it prevents the slack of other companies. We can differentiate ourselves from our products. "

ActiveX is being adopted in fields with a lot of vibration such as construction machinery and forging machinery, and it is said that M36 products for forging machinery are currently the largest size in practical use.