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Optimas Solutions Receives PACCAR Multiple Division Silver Award for Excellence in Engineering

Optimas Solutions, a global industrial manufacturer/distributor and service provider, announced it received the PACCAR  Silver Award for Excellence in Engineering. Optimas was awarded recognition for a common plating project it undertook on PACCAR’s behalf. This is the first time Optimas has been recognized by PACCAR for the award given to suppliers who exemplify excellence in engineering support and capabilities.

“We are extremely pleased with receiving this award,” said Cliff Harris, Optimas general manager & vice president of sales. “We work hard to help our customers achieve their business goals and PACCAR is no exception. We are honored that they have recognized our engineering capabilities in support of the PACCAR brand.”

According to Harris, working on the common plating design project with PACCAR cross divisional engineers, Optimas was able to reduce the amount of part numbers by 200, added lower torque fasteners to achieve higher clamp loads and proper material handling techniques for added worker safety and efficiency.  Overall, Optimas was able to reduce frame specific fasteners by 65 per cent, replacing them with a group of fasteners common to all applications and truck frames, driving efficiencies in supply continuity, part consolidation, assembly ergonomics, and application costs.  Additionally, the 65 per cent part consolidation effort improved environmental sustainability objectives with environmentally sound materials.

“We value our nearly 15-year relationship with PACCAR  and this award solidifies our partnership and level of engagement even more,” said Steve Adkins, director of engineering at Optimas. “We look forward to building on this collaboration with PACCAR.”