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Sacma World Premier: New Double Blow Header model KSP12-R with threading unit.

Sacma group is well known to be leader for designing and manufacturing of Combined Headers which are available to produce fasteners from M4 to M24. The Combined Headers are suitable to run fasteners and special automotive screws and bolts by producing the finished parts directly from wire. These machines are the best solution for high productivity requirements, consolidation of production methods, floor space utilization and work flow in the fasteners manufacturing process by having the forming, pointing and thread rolling all in one machine. 

To complete its whole range, Sacma is introducing the new combined header model KSP12-R to run fasteners from M3 to M8 with max shaft length 60 mm. The machine is a double blow header with an integrated threading station, representing the new generation of the worldwide known KSP11-R. Sacma is re-introducing in the product line the 1D2B combined header to face an increasing request of small and self-tapping screws widely used in different industry fields.

The KSP12-R combines typical SACMA solutions, proven by thousands of machines, with the most advanced mechatronic technology available in the market. The one-piece main frame, cast perlitic iron, normalized, natural aged for at least 12 months, high precision machined, is a guarantee of rigidity and stability for all the machine life. Major set up adjustments are now motorized for a quick and friendly changeover: S-feed wire feeder driven by torque motor, motorized wire stock gauge and DKO, threading starter driven by torque motor with self-learning function borrowed from Ingramatic rollers. The quality management is facilitated by two gates interfaced with the load monitoring system and discharging NC parts respectively after the header and after the roller. An optional sophisticated load control system is protecting the machine against overloads and is monitoring the forming and rolling processes.  Scraps separators in different sizes are available when producing self-tapping screws. 

All those features make the KSP12-R the best value for Customer’s investment, especially when running parts traditionally by a line of connected machines. The high productivity ALL-IN-ONE allows to quick return and the legendary long life guarantees future profits thanks to the following concept:

VS production floor / sqm : the relation between the floor utilized by a 1D2B combined header against a line of connected machines (1D2B header + conveyor + roller ) is normally 1 to 3. 
VS production floor / ppm: consequently, more parts produced per area makes the overall plant more profitable and efficient.
VS manpower : one combined header requires one operator. In Europe we often see one operator for two or three small combined headers. In case of separate machines, only one operator is not enough to attend so many lines.
VS maintenance : users would also need more maintenance staff when purchasing independent machines: for more machines more persons are necessary.  Combined machine is one machine doing two operations, so only one machine has to be maintained.
VS changeover time : the total time to set up nr.2 different machines, with related feeding systems, is higher than the one of combined machine. 
VS eco-friendly : having a combined machine with the header and threader enclosed in one soundproof enclosure allows all of your coolant and oils to be recycled safely and controlled in one sealed area : no oil leakage, less pollutions, clean and safe working place .
VS start up time : all Sacma machines  are recognized as “quick plug in “ equipment. After few hours the KSP12-R is ready to start the production. The advantage remains when necessary to update the factory layout. Combined machine means only one machine to be fixed to the floor, to be connected to the air plant and to the power supply.
VS energy consumption: only one motor for two operations is more efficient than many motors. A  combined header is consuming less than two machines and the power monitoring becomes more easy and convenient
VS Tool life: the pressed parts still warm and oily go immediately to the roller. Thanks to this, the flat dies last much longer, reducing the running costs and increasing the production efficiency.

Hundreds of 1D2B Sacma headers still running worldwide since the sixties are waiting for the arrival of the grandchild KSP12-R.