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BERARDI keeps growing while looking beyond Italian Borders

Berardi has been distributing fasteners and screws for five generations and has always been known for the high quality of its customer service.

The business began in 1919 with a small shop in Piazza Maggiore in Bologna. In 1960, the shop became a distribution company and moved to a large equipped warehouse. In the ‘80s, the company makes its entry into the domestic market, being appreciated in the industrial field of medium and large Italian companies.

The rising turnover volumes, the quality requirements and the increasing demand of customized services over the years require new facilities with suitable warehouses and continual organizational and capital investments.

In 2006, thanks to the acquisition of historic competitors, the group becomes one of the largest Fasteners distributors within the domestic market.

Today, at the fifth family generation, Berardi operates in its new 11,000 sqm facility and  keeps growing while looking beyond Italian borders. 

Berardi Fasteners’s mission is to support customers in breaking down the overall cost of procurement and it achieves this by suggesting and sharing technical solutions, developing innovative services that cut management costs and offering an ever wider range of products allowing customers to reduce the number of suppliers.

This is reached everyday by the individuals who work with the company and who Berardi wishes to maintain and help grow through personal satisfaction and motivation. For this reason the group is committed to leverage the special traits of each employee, adapt operating conditions and make them comfortable and organize and promote training sessions for personal and professional growth.

For Berardi Fasteners, customer care is shown through activities with great added value:

•    Variety and breadth of the line 
•    Reduction in lead time and in the customer’s warehouse stock
•    Definite and punctual delivery times
•    Product inspections: The quality team selects, inspects, and guarantees all products thanks to the advanced instruments in the internal laboratory.
•    Products are also guaranteed by strict supplier selection criteria
•    Technical and business consulting with dedicated and personalized customer care 
•    Reduction in time and simplification of purchase methods for products with a low unit cost, with technical and logistics consulting
•    Solving technical problems with the contribution of a team of dedicated individuals to help the customer in choosing the best solutions

Berardi’s commitment, passion, and professionalism allows its customers to “forget” about the management of the class C parts. The group aims to become a reference point, well known in the market, able to innovate to anticipate its needs. A push to look beyond characterized Berardi Fasteners through each generation.