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Made in Italy and Innovation

The Two Principles at the Basis of the Success of Carlo Salvi as a Reply to the Pandemic

In the year of pandemic, Carlo Salvi confirms his solidity keeping active nationally and internationally.
The company of Garlate gets good results thanks to the export (90% of the income) and the importance of digitalisation.

2021 goals: increase digitalisation, invest in the R&D and expand the staff (workforce, employees, human resources) choosing highly specialised profiles.
The over 80 years old company Carlo Salvi, the Italian branch of the Swiss Group Hatebur is not frightened off the Covid-19 pandemic. On the contrary after the government shutdown in the first half of the 2020, the company equipped at best to avoid other possible repercussions. Today the company solidity remains the same, Covid-19 didn’t damage the business profile. 

Carlo Salvi is an historical institution for the industrial district of Lecco, Lombardy. For more than 80 years it has its manufacturing and operating headquarter in Garlate (LC) with about a hundred of employees. In the year of the pandemic the company reacted demonstrating to be a trustworthy partner, in assuring that the conditions of the undertaking of its customers around the world are respected, the company strengthened the service and invest in digitalisation of all processes: to the shipment of each header machine follows its remote testing to check all its functions. The foreign turnover has a great importance to Carlo Salvi and guarantee about 90% of the outcome. Due to the plurality of the world’s markets it was possible to maintain always active the business company during 2020. According to the diligence Carlo Salvi’s team demonstrated and the attention paid to the procedures to contain the contagion, we can say that nowadays Carlo Salvi is a safe reality. 

“It was an immediate decision to adopt all the possible measures to face Covid-19. Our previews investments repay us today. Thanks to all the protective structures used, from the physical ones, through the continuous sanitization of the workplaces to the strict procedures we can carry on in a more or less normal way our business activities and define ourselves a safe reality” comments Germano Pandiani, Chief operating officer of Carlo Salvi. 

This is the spirit with which the historical company of Garlate carry on the active involvement of the whole structure to promote the diffusion of a real working safety, showing once again to be perfectly aware of the essential role played by the human resources on an organisation’s success. This initiative is clearly aligned with the people-oriented company philosophy and the promotion of the human resources.

“According to our company philosophy we are trying to carry on a focused and proactive recruiting campaign. We strongly believe that the entrance of new resources could boost our company, we are investing in the recruitment of highly specialised profiles to be integrated at different levels (organisation, management and engineering). Being a leader on the market especially in a niche industry like ours imply the continuous integration of new resources and new products on the market. The need and the consequently demand are always more detailed/specific for this reason one of our prerogatives is having the answers before the question is asked. This is the reason why we constantly need new investments in R&D and in the human resources of the company” says Marco Pizzi, Chief Commercial Officer.

Carlo Salvi is an Italian institution internationally known in the field of fasteners manufacturing and header machines and of cold and hot heading lines of tinned/metallic and titanium wire. The B2B market it refers to include the Aerospatiale, the automotive, the industrial and the one of the white-goods. The company which is part of the Swiss Group Hatebur, has the same name of its founder and is led in Italy by Marco Pizzi, Chief Commercial Offices and Germano Pandiani, Chief operating officer. The innovation and the high digitalisation of the manufacturing are key points of the strategy of Pizzi and Pandiani. The development goals of 2021 clearly respect this principle: improve the quality of the products and find new technological solutions expanding the staff with highly specialised profile and investing in digitalisation.