Brazil Fastener Business - 2020 Summary
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Brazil Fastener Business - 2020 Summary

Sergio Milatias 
Editor in Chief of Revista do Parafusos

The import and export have following, practically, the 80/20 rule

In 2020 the international operations with fasteners, exported and imported, involving Brazil generated US$ 636,13 million (mi) and 130,989.11 tons (t), in currency and volumes, respectively. This result was 22.01% lower than the US$ 815.58 mi and 14.67% below the 153,499.58 t in 2019. No surprise in the drop due to the pandemic.

It is also not surprising that imports of manufactured products as fasteners are hegemonic in Brazil. Last year, the market share for imported fasteners was 78.50% (US$ 499,27 million) and 79.43% (104,052.1 t). During 2019 ended with 76.22% (US$ 621,65 mi) and 80.74% (123,923 t). The share of Brazilian fastener exports in 2020 was 21.50% (US$ 136,86 million), 20.57% (26,937.01 t). While in 2019 the result was between 23.78% (US$ 193.93) and 23.86% (29,576.18 t).

One of our sources, the Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services (MDIC) does not provide data containing volumes by country, both in import and export. Thus, last year China maintained its leadership, reaching 25% of these imports (US$ 127 mi). The score of the first five countries follows the USA with 16% (US$ 77,5 mi); Japan, 10% (US$ 51,9 mil); Germany, 10% (US$ 51,6 mi) and Taiwan, 5.6% (US$ 27,7 mi).

Among the top five export destinations for Made in Brazil fasteners are the USA with 36% (US$ 49,9 mi); Argentina, 17% (US $ 23,7 mi); Paraguay, 11% (US$ 11 mi); France, 4.5% (US$ 6,21 mi) and Germany, 3.5% (US$ 4,76 mi). Assessing the average price for each kilogram, among the fastener exported in 2020, the price orbited at US$ 5.08 (US$ 6.55 in 2019), higher than the US$ 4.79 (US$ 5.01 in 2019) of imports. 

During the closing this article we´ve got the new reports about January 2021, that showed import with US$ 52,27 million (12,293.09 t). The export showed US$ 8,74 million (2,258.77 t).  

Belenus becomes the top 1 fastener manufacturer in Brazil 
The company substantially increased its production capacity after the acquisition of several machinery in 2020

Fasteners industry founded in 2002 and chaired by businessman João Marcos Lucas, the Belenus Ltd it substantially expanded its production capacity after an acquisition, in 2020, about several used machineries, especially a lot of cold form machines, including 13 Sacma and 5 National Machinery models, with able to produce fasteners from M6 to M20 gauges.

Operating with around 1,400 employees, since then, the company rise his capacity productive to 8,000 tons/month, 2,000 tons more than his former capacity, including the production fasteners such as bolts, screws, and nuts, standard and special, raising the company to the top 1 among the biggest fastener industries on activities in Brazil. 

Belenus also has a big trade division dedicated exclusively to distribution of more than 15,000 items from the construction material sector and other relevant products, such as hardware, tools and various parts and equipment, including its own brands, such as BelEnergy (photovoltaic products), BelFit (hydraulic hoses and terminals), BelLift (cargo handling products) and Beltools (tools and hardware).

Walsywa: Heating the solar energy market

Founded in 1964 and leader on supply of fastening systems products, as fastener mechanical, gunpowder and chemical fixation, especially for civil construction, Since the second half of 2020 Walsywa has expanding its portfolio, specially by inclusion of items for use in solar energy capture systems, an emergent and promissor business.

Products made by stainless steel, 100% passivated, the Walsywa solar energy lines includes terminal clamps, flat and rubber washers, flanged hex nuts, screws (hammer, French and Allen, with and without head), rods and rod sets, straight plates with holes, chemical and mechanical anchor bolts, as well as fasteners developed for special projects.

“More than ever necessary, the, emergent, solar energy system needs the best options in fastening systems, a know-how that Walsywa brings in more than half a century of history with dynamic and solid activities. We intend, then, to differentiate ourselves in this market, as we are making on the fastening systems in civil construction sector, supported by a highly trained team, we have providing the best in service, with efficient logistics that performs deliveries in 24 hours in most of regions on the, giant, Brazilian territory. In addition, we have our own laboratory for developing products that meet demanding demands and in highly competitive conditions”, reported João Pedro Schrott, the Walsywa president.


Recall in baby stroller for lack of screws

The Thule do Brasil detected the absence of two screws destined to uses on handlebars in the Thule Sleek, one baby stroller model from the company. According to the manufacturer, this trouble can cause the handlebars to detach from the stroller, causing a risk by pulling the handlebars upwards with force, which could cause the baby to fall. The possibility of fatal accidents or accidents that result in physical and / or material damage to the child occupants of the strollers is not ruled out.