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CELO’s FORCE ONE gas nailer comes out on top

In a test carried out to compare the performance, functionality and other key features between some of the most popular nailers on the market in 2021 for overhead applications, the FORCE ONE was ranked the best.

The 4 nailers measured in this test were: the FORCE ONE by CELO, Spit’s Pulsa 800P, Hilti’s BX3 and DeWalt’s DCN890N, comparing them against characteristics such as weight, comfort and the success rate of shooting. 

The FORCE ONE was found to be the lightest of the gas nailers at only 3.67kg, the most powerful with 105J of energy, and was able to shoot more than two times faster than the battery powered nailers. Despite battery powered nailers being popular, they often take a longer time to charge and have lower power than gas nailers, reducing their efficiency and success rate. 

Advancements to the weight and performance of a tool have proven to be incremental in the productivity of installers, especially in overhead applications; reducing their fatigue while increasing the amount of fixings over time. Demonstrated by the graph below  we can see that compared to the other nailers tested, the FORCE ONE allows the installer to shoot, 2.58 times faster, helping to reduce installation times.

The design of the tool was also critical in helping reduce installation times, with features such as ergonomic handles, adjustable noses and dust filters allowing installers to be more efficient and agile by enhancing the tools productivity and providing comfort for long periods of time. 

All the nailers tested are able to be used on a variety of base materials such as concrete and steel. However, when using the recommended branded nails for each gun, the 4 nailers were tested on their success rate of shooting 50 nails into concrete, the results once again showed that the FORCE ONE came out on top, with 47 nails successfully fixed into the material. 

Overall the FORCE ONE was proven to be the best choice among all the nailers tested, providing a more lightweight and powerful experience, that is perfect for overhead applications and allows the installer to save time and money.