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The mission of the Berardi Group, the first distributor of fastener in Italy, is to work with its clients towards the reduction of the overall supply costs of mechanical parts.

Berardi offers technical solutions and innovative, personalized services to cut management costs, allowing BERARDI's partners to reduce the number of suppliers they have to manage. The company is well equipped to assist the client choose the best item for their needs, thanks to its specialized technical staff. Berardi’s  internal quality assurance department is among the best-equipped in its sector, and guarantees each item is controlled, as well as post-sales support. The objective is to offer a complete and punctual service, becoming a partner for its clients.
2020 has pushed companies to develop new strategies. Berardi has inaugurated 2021 with a renewal of its logistics division, under the new “B-Lean Factory Systems” monicker. After 100 years, Berardi is still expanding its item assortment (over 50.000 stock items), having launched a whole new product catalogue Extracomponents in 2020, which includes springs, fittings, clamps, cable management items, antivibration mounts, operating parts, and more.
The B-Lean team develops customized logistics solutions for clients that demand flexibility, reliability and quick responses even to the most complex requirements. 

The mission of the Berardi Group is to become a full supplying partner for its clients, offering a 360° service. The B-Lean division will target wasteful processes along the supply chain, allowing clients to forget the fuss of managing C-parts. Today, the team can use the experience gained with over 400 active lean supply systems.

Andrea Destro, B-Lean team manager said: „Having reached this milestone,  we decided to rebrand the company’s logistics division, and invest in its development. Our goal is to enhance the performance of the companies with which we collaborate, using a pragmatic approach to analyze and solve logistics problems. Personalized solutions are crucial to extract the full potential from our services.

For each project, we offer the specialized skills of our team, building a relationship of mutual trust with the client. First, we learn the client’s requirements, then we proceed to realizing the project in close cooperation with them.”

• Kanban Up: a smartphone app to manage Kanban containers, and monitor orders on the KanbanWeb portal.

• S-BBK 4.0: a smart container with electronic capacity sensors, constantly transmitting the quantity available, allowing for remote stock monitoring and automatizing supplies.

• EasySelf-24: an automatic vending machine that allows you to manage a variety of tools, PPE, and other items in minimal space. EasySelf24 is a safe and customizable distribution machine, capable to store consumables and reusable items, small and large.