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by Shun Otsuki
President & Editor in Chief KINSAN FASTENER NEWS


Japan's Exports to China in 2020, Steel Bolts Up 4.1% Year-on-Year

Japan's exports of steel bolts to China in 2020 were 33 billion yen, up 4.1% from the previous year. The quantity increased by 7.6% to 49,400 tons. Of the three major items, only steel bolts were up year-on-year, but overall there is a recovery trend from the second half.

China is the top country where Japan exports screws. The three main items of steel bolts (HS code: 731815190), steel nuts (HS code: 731816900), and screws (HS code: 731815900), which occupy the highest weight in the export of screws, will be the US-China trade friction in 2019. It was sluggish due to the slump in the Chinese economy due to the impact. It has been 20 years since COVIT-19 has been rampant worldwide, but of the three major items, only steel bolts have increased year-on-year. Steel nuts and screws also showed a year-on-year negative month in the first half, but remained positive in the second half.

The total amount of steel bolts was 33,016 million yen, an increase of 4.1% from 2019 (31,709 million yen). Cumulative quantity was 49,400 tons, an increase of 7.6% from 2019 (45,900 tons). The total amount of steel nuts was 11,548 million yen, a decrease of 16.7% from 19 (13,871 million yen). Cumulative quantity was 13,900 tons, a decrease of 14.5% from 19 (16,300 tons). The total amount of screws was 6.1 billion yen and 68 million yen, a decrease of 20.4% from 19 (7,748 million yen). Cumulative quantity was 3700 tons, a decrease of 20.9% from 19 (4700 tons).


"PLUGO BAR", a Charging Stand for Electric Vehicles

PLUGO, a subsidiary of Okawa Screw Manufacturing (Tokyo), has started selling "PLUGO BAR", a charging stand for electric vehicles (EV) that can be reserved for "destination charging" since last year. PLUGO is a subsidiary of Okawa Screw Manufacturing which mainly sells automobile parts such as brake hose fastening parts, and is developing a charging station business for EV. While the number of plug-in HV and EV users is increasing, there is no environment where charging can be guaranteed at the destination, and even if there is a charging stand, the design is not sophisticated and it is not in harmony with the surrounding environment. They paid attention.

The company specializes in "destination charging" for leisure facilities, inns, hotels, airports, and other facilities that are lagging behind. Since charging can be reserved on the web in advance, the driver can eliminate unnecessary anxiety while traveling. With a sophisticated design that does not interfere with the landscape, the exterior can be selected according to the environment.

The function of PLUGO BAR is not just a charging stand. A major feature is that it updates all additional services by linking with IoT.
For example, it can be used as a power storage unit during disaster prevention, automation of check-in to facilities, user billing service, Connected Car cooperation, and utilization of big data, which greatly expands the possibilities for both facilities and users. Ultimately, the company aims to grow into an infrastructure service that users are not aware of when charging.


Nitto Seiko Develops New Clinching Stud Bolt

Nitto Seiko (Kyoto Prefecture) has developed a new clinching stud bolt that improves press-fitting quality and detent function. It will be on sale from February 1st. Clinching stud bolts that are press-fitted and integrated are used in many industries, mainly in the automobile industry, but conventional products have problems such as warping of elements and burrs at press-fitting points during press-fitting.

The company has succeeded in developing a "new clinching stud bolt" that can obtain more anti-rotation strength than conventional products while reducing the occurrence of warpage and burrs of the element. This product replaces the lobe-shaped detent protrusions of uniform thickness used in conventional clinching stud bolts, and uses detent protrusions that leave only the lobe-shaped edges in a ring shape. This reduces the load applied during press fitting and suppresses warpage of the element.

Further, since the fastening member that deforms at the time of press fitting can be accommodated in the recess inside the detent protrusion, it is possible to prevent this deformed portion from protruding toward the male screw side and becoming a burr, and to improve the detent strength in the rotation direction.

Sanko Techno Expands Products to Civil Infrastructure Market

Sanko Techno(Chiba Prefecture) is in full swing to capture infrastructure demand. The company began to focus on civil engineering work several years ago, and is also actively developing products, such as launching four new products last year. Sales of the company's fastening business in the second quarter of the fiscal year ending March 31, 2009 were 6,322 million yen, down 3.9% year-on-year, and operating profit was 766 million yen, down 2.2% year-on-year. Although both private and public works were at low levels due to the corona sickness, the background to the large decline was related to the capture of demand for infrastructure equipment construction.

Until a few years ago, the company's main market was the construction field, but with a view to the civil engineering field as well, it has expanded its lineup of compatible products and increased sales in the fastening business. They are focusing on the infrastructure maintenance field, which is in high demand among civil engineering. The company's post-construction anchors were used in a limited number of places in civil engineering projects, and the amount used was small, but the range of usage scenes is expanding in the maintenance field, which extends the life of structures.

President Hideto Horage will focus on contact with users. In recent years, services that allow customers to purchase necessary construction materials in bulk have become widespread, and opportunities for purchase at wholesalers and e-commerce, which are ahead in terms of distribution and inventory capacity, are increasing.
As these companies and IT platforms grow larger, the points of contact between manufacturers and users become weaker, and users without product knowledge may select products based solely on price. That is why the company focuses on sales that improve and develop products based on the voices and information of the field and directly appeal the products to users who are ahead of wholesalers and e-commerce.

However, he does not intend to weaken the relationship between the manufacturer and the wholesaler between the users. He emphasizes that "wholesale is a partner". He intends to continue to strengthen partnerships with wholesalers who have a wealth of product knowledge, large inventories, and wholesalers with a wide distribution network, which are building systems that satisfy users.