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Berardi Fasteners: the fifth generation

 “It is a great pleasure for me to inform you that my brother Francesco’s children, Anastasia and Cesare Augusto, have joined us at Berardi.
Anastasia works in the marketing office, while Cesare is in the Logistics department. My other nephew, Bernardino, has already been working in the technical and sales offices for some time.
In such particular times, I put my trust in their determination and passion to bring on the Berardi ‘family history’ along with you all”.

This is the message sent by CEO Giovanni Berardi to the Berardi Group’s employees, in his customary simple and clear style. Along with his brother Francesco, he brought about the steady expansion of the company, founded back in 1919 by Giulio Berardi. The two brothers made the company grow and assert itself as a leader on the market, with the opening of as many as 12 branches on Italian soil, three subsidiaries (Vibolt, Vitman and VIBF) and even an international branch in Morocco in 2017. 

Today, the company keeps expanding and deepening its industrial synergies, and explores the international market with its flexible and dynamic working approach. Key to Berardi’s development is the expansion of the stock-ready product range, with dedicated technical and logistical support.

When businesses pass from one generation to the next, people at different stages of their lives find themselves together, with different levels of motivation and professional success. Family businesses at their third generation represent only 13% of the total, while only 4% of them makes it to the fourth. Berardi is among the very few to reach the fifth generation.

“Our company – highlighted the CEO – is a dynamic heritage, an ever-evolving process, where know-how and interpersonal relationships are as important as the energy and innovation brought in by each person, to safeguard a business model that responds to modern business needs, while maintaining its historical roots”. The fifth generation will continue writing the history of the Berardi Group of companies.