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Mizuki. real-time production management with product number data

Mizuki (Kanagawa) is building a unique system that monitors the operating status by connecting IoT equipment to the processing machine, and is working to improve production management using the number data.

Since 2018, the company has been promoting visualization of the operating status by installing IoT devices in the header and rolling. By centrally monitoring the operating status, the aim is to create added value by improving all productivity. Currently, it has been installed in all 110 headers and rolling units in the factory, and They are promoting cooperation with existing systems and utilization of collected data. They have a system in place to monitor the operating status from each machine in real time from the terminal.

The key data for monitoring the operating status is the number of fasteners. The counter function of IoT equipment has made it possible to manage the productivity of processing machines based on the number of machines instead of the weight. Since "how many products are currently being made" can be grasped in real time for each model, product number, and person, it is useful for grasping the operating rate for each model, adjusting the production schedule, and quantifying human technology.

Data from the IoT device connected to the processing machine is collected in the Wi-Fi wireless receiver in the factory and transmitted to the server. In addition to processing machines, measuring instruments such as digital calipers also connect wireless devices to collect data. They also manage whether there is any variation in quality by sending it to the system.

President Mizuki said, "We will be able to perform statistical quality control. If we accumulate detailed data over the long term, we can use it as big data. We would like to make use of this data for our business."