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Rivit Srl is a specialist in the production and distribution of fasteners, fastening systems, tools and machines for sheet metal assembling.

The Speedriv rivets in cartridge are to be used for quick and repeating riveting and they result to be perfect for light fastenings. They come in a cartridge which can hold 24 to 58 pieces, according to rivets diameter and length, and are strung on a proper rod, ready to be used.

Rivets in cartridge are available in stainless steel, steel and aluminum, with dome or countersunk head, 3.2, 4.0, 4.8 and 6.0 mm diameters, and in several lengths.

Rivets in cartridge allow a drastic time saving during assembling. Speedrivs ensure good flexibility in processes and can be easily included in automatic assembly lines.
Rivets in cartridge are mostly used in automotive, electronics, electro mechanics, furnishing and general light fabrication.

The new hydropneumatic tool RIV300, featuring a built-in booster, was specifically designed for the application of cartridge rivets. 

Depending on the diameter of the rivet, the RIV303 is equipped with special spare parts: head, mandrel and relative spring are selected according to the diameter of the rivet.

Technical data 
Air pressure: 5 – 7 bar
Air volume required (5,1bar): 4.35 lt
Stroke: 30mm
Pull force: 3890N
Cycle time: 1 sec.
Weight: 1.92Kg 
Total length (without head): 475 mm