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OKITSU launches socket screw “CRAB3” without tapping

by Shun Otsuki
President & Editor in Chief KINSAN FASTENER NEWS


OKITSU RASEN (Shizuoka) has released a hexagon socket head cap screw "CRAB3" that has a non-circular threaded portion and can be tightened without tapping.

CRAB3 is a fastener product that has a triangular threaded portion and has the strength characteristics of a hexagon socket head cap screw, but can be fastened to the mating aluminum member without tapping. Since it is not necessary to tap the mating material, it contributes to lead time reduction and cost reduction through process reduction.

Further, the triangular screw portion can reduce screwing resistance.
It aims to be adopted in all fields, including the robot industry and small motor industry, where normal hexagon socket bolts are tightened with tap holes.
The product name CRAB3 is a product of the company's symbol mark, a crab, and a triangular shape 3.