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Fastener News from Japan

by Shun Otsuki
President & Editor in Chief KINSAN FASTENER NEWS


Daishin acquires EJOT thread rolling die manufacturing license

Daishin (Kanagawa), thread rolling die plate manufacturer, has acquired a tool manufacturing license for Delta PT and PT of EJOT.

The company manufactures highly accurate die plates from standard products to special products with its own technology. It is an EJOT product that has a high market share especially in the automotive field in Europe and other regions, so the fastener manufacturer that manufactures it must obtain a license recognized as having certain technology with EJOT, and manufactures its tools. A license is required for this as well.

Delta PT and PT are special tapping screws for resin that have a great feature in the thread part and have high fastening performance. Dedicated die plate manufacturing requires high technology, and there are few tool manufacturers in the world who have obtained a license. There are only a few companies in Japan, and licensee fastener manufacturers sometimes procured die plates overseas.

The company, which had long been eager to acquire a tool manufacturing license from fastener manufacturers, came to acquire the EJOT license.

Ration is not limited to supply to domestic manufacturers. They are looking to expand sales channels to overseas manufacturers. The company aims to expand sales of its highly precise die plate for EJOT, taking into account the market needs of overseas EJOT products that are larger than those in Japan.

The company has established automation of the die plate manufacturing process, and received a high evaluation from EJOT even when acquiring the license this time.

Ikeda Neji established a new company in Vietnam

Ikeda Neji Shokai (Shizuoka) established its first overseas company, Ikeda Neji Vietnam in July last year. The company aims to develop its own product "Pact", which integrates nuts and washers with a thin film, and to develop business to procure special products.

By integrating nuts, washers, and spring washers with a thin film, "PACT" manufactured in Japan can contribute to improving workability and preventing parts from falling during construction. It is used in various applications such as housing, large-scale construction, and the solar power generation market.
Ikeda Neji Vietnam will establish a system that can support the production of Pact small lot products and special products. This will expand the range of support for PACT, one of our main products.

The New company will procure high-quality cutting parts from local manufacturers at low cost and export them to Japan. Establish a guarantee system such as providing quality data through testing equipment in the quality control room, which has been invested in equipment at the headquarters. They acquired various licenses for doing business locally. President Ikeda is confident that he can do what he can do in Japan in Vietnam.


National Machinery Asia opens service center in Komaki

National Machinery Asia (Aichi), a Japanese subsidiary of US National Machinery, opened a new "Komaki Service Center" (Aichi) in April of this year. In the future, they will actively respond to overhauls.

National Corporation, known as a global company for compacting machines, has opened a new base for repairing machine bodies in Japan following the US, Germany and China.
In the future, based on this location, they will repair various equipment manufactured by National, including the forging machine "FORMAX" series, which has a track record of delivering more than 150 units to Japan.

The office handles more than two machine overhauls per year. Officials of the company said about the opening as follows.
"I think the background is a shortage of human resources and the problem of skill transfer, but especially in recent years, the number of cases where there is an increase in demand for service that has never existed has been increasing. We have made preparations as we need to grow large-scale repairs as a pillar of our business. The number of machines in the Homax series has been increasing for more than 20 years. We want to meet the needs of overhaul as well as business travel by establishing the base opened this time.”


Saima unifies the brand name to "310Slim"

Saima Corporation (Kanagawa) has changed the name of the ultra-low head screw "Slim Head Screw 6 Lob", which is focused on sales as a fastener for drones and robots, to "310Slim" in line with the overseas brand name.

Saima launched the overseas brand “310express company” in 2018 and has been promoting global expansion while exporting original products.

"Slim head screw" is a fastener with a lower head height than the conventional low head cap screw. By suppressing the height of the head, a flat design without interference can be realized. M3 size head height is only 0.8 mm. In addition, aluminum is one-third the weight of steel / stainless steel, making it an ideal product for weight reduction.

It is a product that can propose weight saving and space saving for the drone/robot industry, which is expected to grow. they have already exported and sold it under the name of "310Slim", but the number of inquiries with the same name has increased from domestic users, and by making it a unified name in Japan and overseas, it can be differentiated from general commercial low head screw products. In addition, we decided to change the brand name this time with the aim of making it easier for users to identify by entering the name of Saima (310) in the product name itself.


Shinwa Echo Adds Fully Automatic Line for High Nickel Zinc Alloy Plating

Shinwa Eco (Saitama) newly installed one high-nickel zinc alloy plating machine with a fully automatic continuous baking furnace at the Tsukuba Factory (Ibaraki). The operation started on May 18th. They will further strengthen our position as the main production base of the Tsukuba Factory by introducing a high-quality fully automatic line of high nickel-zinc alloy plating, which is in high demand in the automobile parts industry.

Previously, the company had been supporting high-nickel-zinc alloy plating at the Kamiguchi (Saitama) and Thailand Factory. The Kamiguchi factory processes 150 tons per month. The fully-automated line of the newly established Tsukuba Factory is capable of processing 300 tons per month, and has established a system to increase production of high-nickel-zinc alloy plating with high corrosion resistance. They will proceed with the production transfer from the Kamiguchi Factory to the Tsukuba Factory, starting with the products of users who have completed process changes. After the completion of the transfer, They will replace the old line at the Kamiguchi factory and aim to introduce a new surface treatment line that meets the needs of users.

Compatible with high nickel zinc alloy black and white. The fully-automatic continuous baking furnace equipped equipment supports labor saving with a fully automatic line for automatic loading/discharging from plating to baking, and there is no risk of errors such as process jumps because no human intervention is required for loading/unloading work. To achieve high productivity while maintaining high quality.


TONEJI aims at overseas infrastructure industry with SUPER COAT

TONEJI (Ibaraki) has demonstrated high corrosion resistance by clearing the 5000 hours of salt spray test (SST) of the surface technology "TONEJI SUPER COAT" that was being developed. Targeting the overseas infrastructure development market, they will promote business development of the loosening prevention bolt "D-LOCK" with a super coat.

SUPER COAT is the company's original surface technology, which is a hot-dip zinc-tin alloy plating with a top coating. they are promoting development as a coating technology for heavy salt damage such as for solar power generation, and last year they exhibited at domestic and Southeast Asian exhibitions and advertised the performance.

Completed 5000 hours of salt spray test (SST) in April this year. In the future, it has a detent function and has a two-piece structure for excellent workability.

Launch full-scale sales by combining with main products such as "D-LOCK". Super coat products will be colored light yellow.

The overseas infrastructure development market should be considered as a sales destination for super coat products. "D-LOCK" is a product that has dominated the domestic construction market because it can contribute to shortening the construction period and reducing construction costs. The product, which has grown in the domestic market, will be introduced to overseas infrastructure markets such as Southeast Asia, where Japanese general contractors are expanding, to build new demand.