Brazilian automotive production in 2020
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Brazilian automotive production in 2020

Sergio Milatias 
Editor in Chief of Revista do Parafusos

July results showed a recovering beginning.

One of the most important thermometers for fasteners industry, the Brazilian automotive vehicles production, in the first semester, has got a giant fall due the pandemic, but the restart to industrial activities has returning some hope to end the 2020 so less disastrous than estimated from several economics analyse.

Normally, the ideal would be to show just the first half year, however it became essential include July 2020 because it was the last complete month with normal activities in Brazil, after February.
Of course, the Covid-19 impact hit everybody, and the last results has showing a partial recovered, that is not a miracle, but already is a light on tunnel end.

According to the Anfavea (the Brazilian automotive industry association), the January-July 2020 period ended with 847,784 cars/light commercial vehicles produced (1,658,279 units on same period 2019 /- 48.8%); 41,617 trucks (66,314 / -37.25%); 10,211 buses (16,704 / -38.80%) and 24,691 agricultural/road machinery (30,875 / -20.03%).

About the motorcycles sector, in the seven first months were made 490,137 units (628,818/-22.06%), according to the Abraciclo (the Brazilian motorcycle industry association).