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Agricultural machinery export 2020 shrunk. but less than expected

Sergio Milatias 
Editor in Chief of Revista do Parafusos

A division from the Brazilian Machinery Builders´ Association (Abimaq), the Sectoral Chamber of Agricultural Machinery and Implements has more than 400 machinery manufacturers. That group produce machinery and equipment to use on soil preparation, planting, crop treatment, harvesting, post-harvesting, animal husbandry (livestock, poultry, pig farming, fish farming, etc.), tractors, grain storage facilities, parts and components.

Second the Abimaq and, that sector exports were 18.1% lower in last June on compare with the same month 2019. However, between January and June 2020, the exports were just 0.4% less than same period 2019. O another side, the imports in the same segment shrink 35.7% in June, and 28.4% less on compare on the same time 2019.