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ATOTECH Keeps on Providing Customers with the Best Service Despite Global Problems

Key activities and products of Atotech Group

Atotech, the leading finishing solutions provider, delivers chemistry, equipment, and service to support diverse end-markets globally such as mobile devices, computers and other consumer electronics, the  automotive industry, and many others. The company continuously invests in R&D that enables to deliver the most innovative and sustainable products.  It's ambitious R&D efforts, combined with its own world-class TechCenter, enables Atotech to offer pioneering products and unparalleled on-site customer support which makes it a valuable partner for the industries served.
Covid-19 measures
Like many other organizations, Atotech quickly adjusts its way of working and the way it serves its customers, to ensure that everything is done to stop the spread of Covid-19 and minimize its impact on the stakeholders. The company proactively applies multiple measures to protect the health and safety of its team, while aggressively implementing best practices and following guidance from local government agencies and officials.

Atotech is widely utilizing a remote-work staffing model, extending flexibility regarding working hours for those who cannot work remotely to minimize personal interaction, and have reduced travel. The results thus far are encouraging, and the company will remain vigilant in efforts to protect its employees, their families and the communities lived in and served.

Production continues around the world
Atotech team remains absolutely committed to providing its customers with the complete range of products and services, and have made, and will continue to make business adjustments in order to serve them  more effectively in these challenging times, such as the availability of its team of experts through a variety of digital platforms. 

Atotech's production continues around the world, and remains operational in the majority of its global network of manufacturing plants in China, Southeast  Asia, Europe and the Americas to meet customer demand. The company also has used its flexibility to shift production between facilities where necessary.

Challanges during the pandemic process
Although the situation remains uniquely serious, the response of the Atotech team, like many people around the world, has been great. Atotech's global footprint, as well as its dedication and support system, helped it respond quickly to existing challenges. 

For example with regard to supply chain: Atotech has not experienced significant disruptions thus far. However, the company management is continuously updating its business continuity plans, which include an assessment of possible risks in its supply chain.

Accordingly,  Atotech has two developed alternative supply-chain routes, back-up options, and optimized production plans. Close communication continues with both primary suppliers and their secondary supply chains to ensure materials will remain available. The company is also in touch with logistics suppliers who have contingency plans.

Atotech team remains fully confident that as the markets begin to recover from the pandemic, they will be there to fully support their customers. They remain flexible and will evolve their sales and marketing strategies to ensure they can meet customer demands, whether interactions occur in person, via digital channels, or a combinations of both.

Offering the best technology in the industry
Today, Atotech offers its customers a wide range of services and support, which include online seminars and trainings.. These are ways for them to share with their customers their view on future trends, new developments, and how Atotech can support them in establishing the systems solution which fully meets their requirements.

According to Atotech Group Management, the current situation is expected to have a noticeable impact on the entire supply chain in the fastener industry in general and to focus more on cost efficiency. This will affect all players at different levels in the supply chain. Therefore, it will continue to grow its strong collaborative power with its customers by offering the best technology in the industry, such as more efficient and sustainable coating and zinc flake technologies on a global scale.

As an example, the company is receiving from the market very positive feedback on its new “Zintek® 200 SL F” system, a self-lubricated basecoat, recently approved by several automotive OEMs. In the construction sector, acid zinc-nickel process “Zinni® 220” draws strong attention, thanks to its technical features and high productivity.


We support our customers with our strong R&D team and technical experts, who deliver economical and environmentally sound processes and highly innovative solutions. This allows our customers to respond fast to the expected changes in the markets.

“The current crisis reminds us how fragile supply chains can be in terms of just-in-time delivery. We have already seen during the last weeks that everyone in the automotive supply chain has increased their stocks to be on the safe side and to manage delivery. We can see how the crisis impacts, for instance, the automotive market development. We expect that consolidation in the automotive industry will continue, particularly as higher cost pressure and competition today is more severe than ever before. 

This industry sector already had been forced to manage the change from combustion engine to electrical engine – and compete with new players entering the market with ready concepts for future mobility. Thus, the some companies struggle to fuel their change processes to react fast enough. This trends together with a possible economic recession will push OEM’s and Tiers to make adjustments faster than ever before, which is key to persist in the market. Take Opel as an example: After the takeover by PSA and years of shortfalls, the company is now back to profitability. Last year, FCA joined PSA, ZF and TRW recently consolidated within the Tier1 area. This trend will continue to increase cost pressure on the entire supply chain within the next few years. 

If we look at our customers, we see that smaller companies tend to be more innovative, more agile and very flexible in managing change and adjustments, which allows them to produce more economical and environmental sound products. As their partner, we support our customers with our strong R&D team and technical experts, who deliver economical and environmentally sound processes and highly innovative solutions. This allows our customers to respond fast to the expected changes in the markets. “