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Sergio Milatias 
Editor in Chief of Revista do Parafusos

Some recent comparisons and results about the Brazil as a fastener importer and exporter.

Between January and April 2020, the Brazil imported around 38,800 tons of fasteners (bolts, screws, nuts, rivets, nails and other made by iron, steel, copper, or aluminium). That metallic items lines "Made out of Brazil" costed more than US$ 185 million during that period (11.5% lower than same period 2019). Among the top five supplier countries are, at first, China: US$ 42,3 (million dollars); USA: US$ 28,6; Japan: US$ 22,4; Germany: US$ 19,4 and Taiwan: US$ 10,8.

Throughout 2019 the total imports hit US$ 621,65 million (8.7% lower than 2018), accumulating 123.9 thousand tons (6.7% lower than 2018). Among the five first export countries come the China: US$ 130; USA: US$ 95,5; Germany: US$ 72,9; Japan: US$ 72 and Italy: US$ 37,3.

By another side, in the same four months 2020, the fasteners “Made in Brazil” achieved 6,726 tons on export (33.1% lower than same period 2019), totalling a revenue of US$ 45,42 million (30.8% lower than same period 2019), in which the China bought only US$ 233 thousand (0.51%). The top five Brazilian customers are the USA: US$ 20,6; Argentina: US$ 5,71; Paraguay: US$ 2,8; France: US$ 2,11 and Mexico: US$ 1,87.

During all 2019 the Brazilian fastener export revenue US$ 193.83 million (20.7% lower than 2018), accumulating 29,576 tons (13.4% lower than 2018). The first five customer are the USA: US$ 79,7; Argentina: US$ 22,6; Paraguay: US$ 13; France: US$ 7,86 and Mexico: US$ 6,64.

Source: The Brazilian Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services
*Info: In the infographics there are some discrepancies in percentage (at others), due added values conditions.