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NORMA Group equips trains in Poland with joining products

NORMA Group, equips long-distance trains from a European manufacturer with durable joining products. The customer uses NORMA Group’s metal clamps to repair and modify trains that have been in operation for several years.
„Our joining solutions are represented in various industries,” said Dr. Friedrich Klein, Chief Operating Officer and member of the Management Board of NORMA Group. “Thanks to our wide range of products and the dedicated technical support of our engineers and sales experts, we can offer the customer the best products from a single source. We are thus extending a long-term partnership with the customer.”
In 2019, NORMA Group supplied the train manufacturer with more than 40.000 joining products. The RSGU pipe retaining clips, TORRO hose clamps and GBS heavy-duty clamps are used in hundreds of wagons. They connect, for example, fluid and air lines and they securely fasten cable routings. With their well-proven designs and high material quality, the joining products can withstand high mechanical forces. The customer uses the products to upgrade existing trains to newer standards and, in case of necessary repairs, he exchanges former joining products with NORMA Group products.