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NORMA Group offers newly developed face shield 

NORMA Group, a global market leader in engineered joining technology, has developed a face shield that offers both functionality and comfort. The face shield is currently available in Germany; it is planned to be offered in other countries as well.
“With this face shield, we are helping to alleviate the acute shortage of face covers,” said Dr. Friedrich Klein, Chief Operating Officer and member of the Management Board of NORMA Group. “Thanks to our flexible structures and comprehensive competence in material selection, product design, raw material procurement and the manufacturing process, we were able to complete this development from the first prototype to the finished product in only four weeks.”
The face shield consists of an ergonomically shaped plastic brace and a sturdy, flexible foil that is clamped into the brace. NORMA Group supplies the face shield with a larger foil than the DIN A4 format that is typically used and thus ensures that the entire face is covered. The foil has to be replaced after each use, while the brace can be reused if disinfected properly. The polycarbonate foil, which is impenetrable for liquids, offers very good viewing for the wearer. NORMA Group uses high-quality plastic for the brace, which is certified according to the German VDI guideline for medical products as “Medical Grade Plastics.”
The design process aimed at a face shield which provides a high degree of comfort, even during prolonged use. To this end, the contact surfaces of the brace facing the forehead and temples are particularly wide. Compared to other models, the distance between the foil and the face was also increased so that users can comfortably wear an FFP2 mask underneath it if necessary.
The face shield brace is manufactured using an injection molding process. This automated manufacturing technique allows for high volumes to be produced. The rapid development of the tool for series production took place in close cooperation with the industrial partner Formen- und Werkzeugbau GmbH in Schönebeck. NORMA Group can currently produce around 25,000 face shields per week. The company is considering expanding its production capacity and possible distribution channels to other countries.
The face shield is not a medical device. The face shield is not certified as medical device and not certified as personal protective equipment. The user is responsible for the professional use, cleaning and disinfection. The face shield is not a substitute for wearing a suitable face mask and does not guarantee safety against infections of any kind. The recommended precautions, such as hand disinfection and wearing gloves and a suitable face mask, must be observed additionally. The face shield is a derivate of Face Shield Frame v2r6 by Duokino/Muhammad Rahmat Md Padzil used and licensed under CC BY 4.0 as well of Protective Visor by Erik Cederberg/3DVerkstan, used and licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.