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fischer bolt anchor FAZ II

Wood constructions are particularly easy to anchor in concrete with fischer’s FAZ II bolt anchor, providing a secure load-bearing fixing. fischer provides the right product that meets the requirements of the user’s applications with the continuous development of its anchor family. Higher shear and load-bearing capacities and variable anchoring depths in large product segments have increased the range of applications.

The assessment (ETA) has now significantly increased the shear and tensile load capacities of sizes M8 to M12 in cracked concrete, allowing fixing tasks to be completed with fewer anchoring points while maintaining the same level of safety. This results in lower costs and less effort required for applications such as installing wood constructions in concrete.

The new ETA furthermore allows a variable anchoring depth in sizes M8 to M16. It can now be precisely finetuned according to the respective load requirement or the existing component thickness. This allows numerous fixing jobs in wood construction and many other trades to be implemented with shorter plugs, a smaller drilling depth and thinner concrete components, saving both time and money. Small edge and axial distances and the variable anchoring depth allow optimal fixings under maximum loads, even in challenging conditions. The ETA also regulates the same loads as hammer drilling for diamond set holes from size M8 onwards.

Joist and beam anchorings are particularly fast and easy to create with the fischer bolt anchor FAZ II. The FAZ II HBS made of zinc-plated and stainless steel enables particularly flexible and simple installation. Its extra-large washer conforms to the DIN 1052 wood construction standard and improves the load transmission between bolt anchors and joists or beams. Various fischer bolt anchor variant, such as the FAZ II GS, enable high load values during applications such as wood constructions, tension rods and beam anchorings at a low anchorage depth while requiring little drilling.

fischer also offers the market’s first bolt anchor with a diameter of just 6 mm and an ETA option 1 for cracked concrete with its FAZ II M6. It can be used to attach fixture thicknesses of up to 20 mm. Its small diameter and short anchoring depth of just 40 mm saves the user time, cost and effort while anchoring wood constructions in concrete and during many other applications. Loads are therefore reliably absorbed with little effort. With the FAZ II H fischer has also provided the world’s first bolt anchor with a cup nut to have received an assessment (ETA). Its rounded head shape prevents injury, for example through the protruding thread, and improves the appearance of visible fixings for elements such as indoor wooden staircases.

Overall, the bolt anchor FAZ II offers advantages with its high load-bearing capacity in concrete and its suitability for numerous fixing jobs in various trades. The comprehensive assessment (ETA) permits secure fixings, even of unusual attachments. The additional ICC approval enables its simple application in objects in the USA and countries in the Far East. Installations in water-filled drill holes can also be carried out without issue with the FAZ II. The fixing provides a secure hold for up to two hours in case of fire.

The option of using pre-positioned, push-through and stand-off installation mean that the user can opt for the most suitable method of installation for their respective applications. When tightening the nut with a predefined torque, the cone bolt is pulled into the expansion clip which it firmly tightens against the drill hole wall. The anchor is then able to carry loads immediately.