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Atotech’s high performing zinc flake coating systems approved by automotive OEMs

Dennis Gündel, Global Product Manager Zinc Flake Coatings

Automotive OEMs require coatings for their fixing elements that both can be applied universally and work reliably. The coatings must provide identical mounting properties, not matter the fastener is screwed against steel, e-coat or aluminum. Those are materials that are increasingly used in diverse combinations on various internal vehicle components. Besides the coefficient of friction (CoF) properties, which surface finishes on fasteners have to fulfill, there are additional factors to be taken into consideration, such as heat-loosening requirements and corrosion protection functionalities.

Atotech`s leading zinc flake coating system fulfills tough requirements of major German automotive OEMs Volkswagen, Daimler and BMW
Atotech’s silver base coat, Zintek® 200, is a versatile zinc flake finish that provides excellent cathodic corrosion protection. Fulfilling the highly demanding CoF requirements, a sophisticated top coat is essential: the clear finish Zintek® Top LV. This thin-layer water-based top coat provides effective additional corrosion protection thanks to its reactive properties. The integrated lubricant ensures that the complex CoF requirements requested by e.g. MBN 10544 can be met without difficulty. The combination of Zintek® 200 and Zintek® Top LV is a first-rate product combination on the automotive market. It is approved for the Volkswagens TL 245 specification. It also fulfils the demanding multiple-mounting and heat-loosening properties (VW 01131). Furthermore, the system embraces the requirements of BMW in terms of corrosion protection and CoF behavior (BMW GS 90100). The zinc flake coating has shown high-quality results in corrosion testing even with prior thermal pre-conditioning for 96 hours at a temperature of 180°C, a process typically required by members of the German Car Association (VDA).

Black zinc flake system for highest demands: Atotech`s process for Volkswagen’s TL180 standard
The automotive industry has high expectations and requirements, especially when it comes to aesthetics. For black finishes, the biggest challenges are maintaining color uniformity and long-term stability.
As an example, Volkswagen`s TL180 standard specification applies to various types of fasteners, including metric parts. TL180 outlines Volkswagen`s high performance standard for black zinc flake finishes and has some of the most complex corrosion protection and color stability requirements. Besides that, achieving Volkswagen`s desired coefficient of friction properties and heat-loosening requirements are the most challenging aspects.

By updating their TL180 specification, Volkswagen simplified the pretreatment process. In response to that Atotech developed simplified approved coating sequences to further improve performance standards. 
The latest developments in zinc flake coatings, Zintek® 300 HP black base coat and Techseal® Black SL VA/Techseal® Black S T top coats help to reduce the number of chemicals compared to the previous systems. 
Zintek® 300 HP is a high performance black base coat with excellent corrosion protection properties, increased delay of white corrosion and top-notch drying and flowing characteristics. With these features, Zintek® 300 HP is the best base for black zinc flake finishes. 

Fulfilling VW`s strict assembly requirements, a sophisticated top coat is needed: Techseal® Black SL VA. 
The organic top coat, with a semi-bright deep black appearance, provides excvellent coverage and chemical resistance. Most importantly, it meets the challenging requirements for multiple mounting on e-coat and aluminum with low deviation and, in parallel, limited heat-loosening properties.

Atotech offers Techseal® Black S T for parts that require a lubricant-free finish according to TL180.  Techseal® Black S T is an approved finish that provides exemplary chemical resistance along with an attractive black matt appearance. The ductile coating can be used for clips and clamps as well as for other fasteners. It is compatible with patch lockers. Both of the approved top coats, Techseal® Black SL VA and Techseal® Black S T,  show minimal indications of abrasion.
Atotech supplies the leading zinc flake process for VW TL180, comprising those outstanding finishes. Well received by many applicators, the process has been praised as the best approved system with the highest performance standard and easiest handling process.

Atotech’s coating system approved for Volkswagen TL180 provides

•    Long-lasting deep black finishes
•    Fulfilling CoF and heat-loosening requirements
•    Top coats with very good coverage and lowest abrasion
•    Reduced number of chemicals


About Atotech
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