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ANKIROS AND TURKCAST Fairs are Postponed to 2022!

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, international travel restrictions and ongoing uncertainties ANKIROS -15th International Iron-Steel, Foundry, Non-Ferrous Metallurgy Technologies, Machinery and Products Trade Fair and TURKCAST - 9th International Foundry Products Trade Fair which are the most important meetings of the metallurgy industry in its region would not adequately reflect the dynamism of the metallurgy industry. With this view the fairs are postponed to 2022 with the request of the sector.
As a result of the evaluations made with the exhibitors of the fairs, the industry associations & unions and the sector representatives, it will not be favorable for the participants from the wide geography of the world to come together physically in the first half of the year.  Due to the long transportation times of the products and machines to be exhibited in international fairs, the decision had to be taken in April for the exhibitors and visitors from over 80 countries.
As Covid-19 vaccination became widespread, the decreases in the number of cases, the increasing success of treatments have been proven, still the number of cases these days, the restrictive practices of the countries and the majority of opinions made us to postpone the fairs to be held on 6-8 October 2022, which is the regular date of ANKIROS while the pandemic will be under control. A new date has been set with the demands of our exhibitors, the managements of the industry associations and the common preferences of our international participants.
ANKIROS and TURKCAST, which was planned in November 2020 and was postponed to June 2021 due to the pandemic, will be held in the same fair ground and same halls on October 6-8, 2022 with the same conditions, all existing contracts will continue to be valid, and all rights of our exhibitors will be reserved.
Last edition of ANKIROS & TURKCAST in 2018 brought together 17,197 industry professionals, including 2,657 international visitors from 86 countries, in the Metallurgy World in Istanbul.
The Turkish Metallurgy Industry has proved its success as the European Leader in Steel Production and the Second in Europe in Casting Production by continuing its performance that has increased from the last ANKIROS & TURKCAST to this day. 
ANKIROS & TURKCAST has been postponed until 2022 to healthy days for the long-awaited successful meeting of the metallurgy industry.