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Bülte launches its new 3D catalogue and offers self-service access to the native 3D models of a selection of its products

Bülte, the company specializing in plastic and plastometallic protective and fastening parts improves engineering efficiency and the digital experience of its customers with instant 3D downloads. 

The company has just put online a brand-new 3D product catalogue. Thanks to instant downloads of 3D models from its site, Bülte improves the experience and efficiency of its customers by enabling them to speed up their design process. The new catalogue already offers 3D models of washers, fasteners, bushes, spacers, and nuts. It has been designed to be able to work directly with Bülte customers' design offices, so that the references could really be used right from the product design phases. It allows engineers to quickly and easily navigate through the Bülte catalogue to find and download the free 3D model they need, in more than 100 software formats and versions. This new 3D catalogue will allow Bülte to be in direct contact with its end customers. The company's technical-sales teams also provide customers with personalised support to guide them in their choice of products and respond to their requests. 

The 3D Bülte catalogue is also in line with the company's desire to support its customers with a personalised service. The 3D models of each product can be downloaded on the fly and are available for self-service. 

About Bülte 
Founded in 1956 by Norbert Bülte, the company Bülte is specialized in plastic protection parts and plastic and plastometallic fasteners. Most of the company's 30,000 references are manufactured in Germany, but Bülte also responds to its customers' specific requests for custom-made products. 

Present in France, the United Kingdom and Germany, Bülte delivers its products all over the world and accompanies wide range of industries, including military, food processing, furniture, medical and aerospace, with a follow-up and personalised advice, favouring human contact. All washers, screws and nuts are compliant and meet specific standards for DIN, ISO and NFE. This extensive range of products is available in a large choice of materials, including ABS, PA6, PA6.6, PP, PE, PVDF, POM, PC, and PTFE. Bülte Plastics also integrates the REACH and RoHS requirements and guidelines in its manufacturing and procurement processes. 

For more than 60 years, Bülte has benefited from the most efficient know-how and dynamism, with a strong emphasis on quality, flexibility and reactivity.