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Fastener Exports of Japan Turned Down in 2019

by Shun Otsuki
President & Editor in Chief KINSAN FASTENER NEWS


Trade statistics of Japan on “Steel fasteners (15 items)” in 2019 have been released by the Ministry of Finance. According to the report, the export volume from January to December of last year was 330,035 tons (down 10% from the previous year), the export value was 329.6 billion yen (down 8.5% from the previous year), and the export volume reached a record high in 2018. It turned around and plummeted. 

Fasteners exports of Japan have been on an increasing trend in recent years, especially in terms of quantities, which have been increasing for three consecutive years since 2016. Although the amount has been increasing or decreasing since 2010, when it was about 250 billion yen, it has generally been on an increasing trend. In 2018, it reached a record high of 329.6 billion yen. However, last year's fasteners exports were in a severe environment, and looking at the results for each month, the quantity and items of each year decreased from January to December.

By item, 14 out of 15 fasteners decreased year-on-year and only "coach screws"(HS 731811000) increased. Looking at the rate of decrease, many items showed a double-digit decrease. Among others, “Other fasteners” (HS731819000) both decreased in quantity and value by nearly 50% compared to the previous year. Steel bolts (HS731815190), which account for the majority of export items, also fell 11.6% in volume and 9.5% in value from the previous year, indicating that exports of fasteners fell sharply last year. 

Fasteners exports have been on an increasing trend, especially since 2010 following the Lehman Shock. Especially in the last few years, the quantity and the amount of money have been at record highs almost every year, but the speed slowed significantly in 2019.

Business sentiment is currently not bright, and attention is being paid to whether this year's economy will continue to decrease from last year.

In addition, the price per screw of tons for fasteners increased by 15,000 yen per ton in the whole exports, and it was found that the transaction price per ton of 12 out of 15 items increased. In 2018, it was found that the transaction price of 11 out of 15 items decreased, which was a contrasting result.

Japanese forming machine orders in 2019 fell for the first time in three years 

According to the statistics of orders for forming machines of Japan in 2019 released by the Japan Forming Machinery Association, orders were 327 billion yen, down 16.1% from the same period of the previous year, down for the first time in three years. 

The decline in press processing machinery is large, and this is probably due to the sluggish capital investment for automobiles. Sheet metal processing machinery is maintaining a solid level, not a large drop.

There are concerns that the US-China trade friction will put downward pressure on the global economy, and the sluggish sales of automobiles will reduce the willingness of manufacturing companies to invest in capital.