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The first unit of the new generation SPC-LAB has been purchased by the Turkish company Gündeniz AHG®

The new generation SPC-LAB has been presented at the Fasteners Fair Stuttgart 2019, meeting the customers favourable response. The first unit of the new generation has been purchased by the Turkish company Gündeniz AHG®

SPC-LAB is a first-piece inspection equipment for SPC controls with automatic data collection and ERP retrieving. It differs from any other product already on the market designed for similar  purposes.

Italian design. Building shrewdness to make it compact, it is robust and ergonomic suited for industrial environments. The Italian Design reminds the shape of a calliper. The brilliant green colour makes it visible from everywhere in the production floor.

Considerable and recognizable materials

Advanced machine vision system with high resolution 5 Mpix - 2/3'' digital cameras with collimated telecentric lenses and illuminators, mounted on a high precision engineering mechanics made by a steel-grinded plate and brackets nickel-plating treated.

Tangible and identifiable advantages for the end user or consumer

Overall Equipment Efficiency:

•    Suitable for fasteners and special parts produced by cold forming, stamping or turning
•    Working range -  Ø2÷30 mm, length 10÷70 mm
•    Extremely User friendly and intuitive
•    No part fixture is required
•    Possibility of 3D -360° inspection
•    Mobile unit on wheels – plug & play
•    USB ports for digital gages and high-precision digital callipers
•    Barcode reading for immediate operator log-in and inspection plan activation
•    Online Remote support by Dimac


•    Leading time to SPC data collection dramatically reduced
•    Efficiency Improvements from 30% to 50% on PPAP and SPC controls
•    Real time data collection, storage and retrieving on the main company server
•    Ultra fast feedback to production process

Safety Strength and durability:

•    Ergonomic frame made with solid and secure components
•    High quality and long-life product
•    No maintenance operation is required

Savings :

•    50% to 70% time saving to perform SPC controls and data collection
•    Immediate feedback to the production managers and to the company ERP system
•    Saving costs for qualifying traditional callipers, micrometers and gages which are no more necessary

Improvement/upgrade on the existing SPC-LAB line:

•    High precision mechanics with grinded plate and special brackets to collimate the telecentric lenses and illuminators
•    Auto-Calibration optical pattern to improve the accuracy with nearly zero distortion
•    Special tempered V-glasses anti-scratch to support the part while measured
•    Improved repeatability up to 5μm