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A Doyen of Fastener Industry in Turkey: Kenan BÜBER

1-      Could you tell about your background and business life?
I was born in 1966 in İzmir. I started working with my father (İhsan BÜBER) in fastener industry when I was 12. I managed going to school and working together at the same time. I worked at various positions at Norm Cıvata which is one of the leading enterprises of the industry. Within this period I took charge in all stages of entire process from raw material entrance to the output. I spent 14 years of it in bolt department and retired as an executive after completing 15 years in nuts department. After getting retired I started providing top-level consulting to the firms using my knowledge and experience.


2-      Can you provide information about your area of expertise and your experience?

In line with my experience my area of expertise, actually, comprises entire process from founding a factory and investing to the machinery to installation of them and their service and maintanence. By designing a product range they want, I support, even the production process of the firms I consult.


3-      What are your goals and projects for this sector ?

Originally my purpose of taking this road was using my knowledge, to provide the companies with fruitful investments as well as gain more experience in the field. But, as I more involved in the sector and work with different people in different companies, I came to realize that there is shortage of qualified and techninal personnel in the sector. In this direction, my biggest project that I plan and can’t wait to put into practise is to found an education center to train technical personnel. And, of course, I also have variety of projects with large and small firms.


4-      What are the products and brands you represent and sell ?

Currently I do distributorship of 2 seperate companies from Taiwan. As for product range, there is diversity per each classification such as bolts & nuts machines, and their accessorries, consumable dies, heat treatment, surface treatment and plating facilities, and their parts. In short, there are products to meet all your needs in any process.


5-      What can you tell us about the advancement and the future of fasteners in Turkey ?
Turkey is a large market. However, investments being low or not as much as expected result in the increase of imports. Actually, there are a lot of shortages. Meeting these shortages only possible by increasing the investments and expending the side industry in terms of growth and future of the sector.


6-      Technical Information : From now on, in this column I will be sharing many technincal information regarding the industry.  Even, by presenting it in Q&A format we will try to answer the questions and solve the problems firms may have.



Technical Department Director