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A commitment for 2020: keep going with goodwill and confidence

The New Year has begun with great expectations for VIPA.

Over the last 12 months VIPA has laid the foundation for a further development of the company by investing important resources in facilities and equipments. 

In this sense, 2020 denotes a new phase of the process in which VIPA expects to implement the remarkable improvements that have been accomplished, mainly under the aspect of the strengthening of the commercial offer.

Thanks to a new plant that has been inaugurated at VIPA’s headquarters in Rolo (Italy) some months ago they are currently able to offer a more efficient and quick service to their clients by taking advantage of the potential of an automated warehouse equipped by 5 robot isles of picking.

The recent enhancements enable to store up to 120,000 pallets over an area of around 23,500 square meters and have made the whole system able to work around the clock.

It goes without saying, that upgrading will produce relevant benefits in terms of orders management by speeding up all the in-house processes and therefore the shipment of goods to clients.

Currently, VIPA is able to process up to 2,700 order picks that leads a potential shipment capability of 420 orders, on daily basis. This is, without any doubt, an important goal they have achieved but significant investments are still ongoing.

The vision of VIPA is always oriented to the future with the aim to offer a more efficient service, tailored to the customer’s requests and requirements.

The next stage is to strengthen the Kanban service, and for this purpose, the company is enlarging the storage facilities. The works will be completed by the first months of 2020.

Despite the recent difficulties that affect the fastener’s market, caused by the effects of the economic slowdown, VIPA company continues to invest by still believing in the value that it can generate on the production levels.

Moreover, investments are essential for the companies that aim to become a benchmark of the market and want to keep their strength by grabbing the opportunities produced by the globalization.