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A New Concept Inspection Device

Tokyogiken Industry co.,Ltd. (Tokyo) offers a wide range of image processing sorters such as the VC series, from highly versatile models to dedicated models.

The unique wire transfer technology that achieves both high-speed sorting and simple setup performance is highly versatile in sorting workpieces with heads, and is the basic transfer method of the representative VC series. The VC series has developed 50 models including special machines and has sold several hundred units in the screw and parts industry. In addition to wire transport, we have proposed a transport mechanism tailored to workpieces such as indexes, glass disks, and rollers. Currently, we are also developing a new model that can inspect the entire circumference of the workpiece using the glass disk method.
President Yokoyama is concerned with simplicity. The spirit is reflected in the after-sales service with remote support via the Internet connection. It is a Windows-based system that can support users' models remotely, and has earned high trust from overseas users.

There is also VC-30 in the VC series that has a simple operability by suppressing the functions and specializing in fasteners. One-click setting is possible by reducing manual setting to the limit. Place the sample work in front of the camera and press the “Set” button to complete the setting. After that, with the “Measure” button, the allowable range is automatically determined based on the average value from the workpiece flowing for the first time. After that, smooth work such as automatic transfer to “inspection” is possible.

"ZARA-KEN" is a new concept inspection device.
It is a desktop compact size inspection device that assists in visual inspections in place of human eyes, and automatically learns the shape just by placing a sample product on the stage. Different products can be identified by simply placing multiple products on the stage. When a different product is identified, the stage stops and the product is visually informed on the monitor.

Recently, it has been introduced into the large-scale visual sorting process of fastener manufacturers. Some say that they want an ultra-compact model that is easy to transport for emergency use, such as having to go to the user site and sort out NG products.