Tesla's New Factory in Europe
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Tesla builds its first European factory in Berlin

Elon Musk, chief executive of Tesla, the electric vehicle manufacturer, announced that the company's second factory outside the US will be built near Berlin, Germany's capital.
Musk attended the 43rd Golden Steering Wheel award ceremony in Berlin organized by German Auto-Bild Group and announced that the factory he defines as "Gigafactory 4" was to be established nearby Berlin, the capital of Germany. Musk later shared on his social media account on Twitter that the plant, which will be called “Giga Berlin", will produce batteries, driveline and vehicles and that the first car to be produced will be “Model Y". Tesla has two Gigafactory plants in the USA and decided to establish its first factory outside the US in China last year.
Tesla was given financial incentives for the factory in Berlin and is expected to start production in 2021. The facility will also employ 10,000 people. On the other hand, Tesla's Model 3 won the 2019 Golden Steering Wheel Award in the mid-sized category of electric cars. Prices of the company's Model 3  in Germany start at 44 thousand euros.

 Tesla Electric Car Factory Established in China Begins The Production 

It was reported that the building of Tesla's factory in Shanghai, China, has been completed, that all necessary permits have been obtained from the Chinese government and that the production of Model 3 cars will begin in October. 
In the first stage, in the factory, where the production capacity of 1000 units per week is targeted by the end of the year, the final capacity target will be 500,000 units annually.

An investment of $ 2 billion was made in the factory which is Tesla's first facility outside the US. Tesla officials said that production will begin immediately in October, but factors such as the number of incoming orders, performance status of new workers and the functioning of the supply chain must be clarified in order to see the actual production volume.

The fact that China was the largest electric car market in the world and that the extra tariffs were activated due to the ongoing trade war between the US and China was effective in Tesla's decision to establish a factory in China. Although there has been a decrease in electric car sales in July and August in China, it is expected to increase, albeit slowly, by the end of the year and sales to reach 1.5 million units in total.

Stating that the production process at the plant, which is the first automobile factory in China with all foreign capital, will be simpler and more cost-effective than in the US, the authorities added that two phases are planned for annual capacity and 250,000 units are targeted in the first phase and 500,000 units in the second phase.