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Nissei Seiko introduced six-stage warm part former

by Shun Otsuki
Editor in Chief of Kinsan Fastener News


Nissei Seiko Co., Ltd. (Aich) has introduced a six-stage warm part former “BPF-650SSM” for the purpose of expanding the parts product business. The company plans to produce mainly medium-sized parts such as stainless steel and difficult-to-forge materials. In the future, it will also supply FCV products.

The BPF-650SSM (manufactured by Sakamura Machine), which was introduced this time, is the company's first warm part former. The number of forging stages is 6 and the forging load is 300mm max. Corresponding material diameter is φ15 ~ φ30, which is the largest in the company. Moreover, the maximum output of the induction heating device (manufactured by Uchino) introduced is 210 Kw. The company intends to supply products with excellent cost competitiveness by performing near net shape forging mainly in stainless steel and other difficult-forging materials.

The total investment is about 300 million yen, and the operation is scheduled to start from the end of this year to the beginning of next year. The sales target for FY2020, which is the first year of introduction, is about 400 million yen. 

President Miyagi said, “It will be a strategic investment with advanced equipment. In order to differentiate it from other companies, we selected a model that can handle large sizes and can be molded in the warm range.”  They have many achievements in heat-resistant bolts for turbochargers as automotive products. In the future, they intend to supply products for FCVs using this machine.