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Is possible overcome 4 million automotive vehicles production in 2019?

by Sergio Milatias 
Editor in Chief of Revista do Parafusos

Considering the results in 2018, in which the light vehicles (passenger cars and light commercial vehicles) achieved 2,745,739 units; trucks, 105,534; buses, 28,536; motorcycles 1,036,88 units, the Brazilian production of automotive vehicles ended the last year with 3,916,597 units on total. Adding in this same statistic the production of agricultural and road machinery (wheel tractors, tracked tractors, motor cultivators, harvesters, backhoe loader) we will have more 65,656 units, coming a result with 3,982,253 units produced.

From January to August 2019, already were produced 1,914,690 passenger cars (2.0%); 77,046 of trucks (13.1%); 19,379 of buses (-7%) and 743,556 of motorcycles (6.6%), totalling, a growth of 2%, momently. So, the mark of four million vehicles is near to be overcome. 

That results will still be better will get if the mark of three million on cars/trucks/buses will overcome. So, the production of agricultural and road machinery is low, with 36,5 thousand (- 9.8%). 
Not considering motorcycles and agricultural and road machinery, the last time that Brazil closed a year with more than three million automotive vehicles produced was in 2014 (3,146,386), in which the absolute record occurred in 2013 (3,712,380), while the motorcycles record production hit his best result in 2008 (2,140,907).

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