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Carlo Salvi celebrates its 80th anniversary

The company celebrates a very important goal together with all the people who have done, are doing and will do Carlo Salvi history.

Carlo Salvi, benchmark company for the realization of headers to produce fastener for the aeronautic, automobile and electronic field, celebrates its 80th “birthday” Saturday September 14th, 2019. A very important goal for a company that does not demonstrate 80 years. A happy occasion to remember the story of a great company of Lecco surroundings that decided to share this moment with all its employees, their families, former employees, suppliers and partners, organizing a party at its premises in Garlate. At the dinner attended also the mayor of Garlate, Mr. Giuseppe Conti, the institutions and the historical friends of Carlo Salvi company, to witness that this event is of big relevance not only for the company, but also for the territory.

Welcomed over 300 guests, the Italian presenter and comedian Mr. Omar Fantini and the soubrette Miss Giulia Salemi, together with the management of the company, Mr. Marco Pizzi, Carlo Salvi CCO, and Mr. Germano Pandiani, Carlo Salvi COO, ready to retrace the steps of the long Carlo Salvi company history.

During the evening went on the stage also Mrs. Claudine Hatebur de Calderón, CEO and owner of the company Hatebur and Carlo Salvi, Mr. Thomas Christoffel, Carlo Salvi CEO, and Mr. Thomas Hiltmann, Carlo Salvi CFO. Precious guest has been also Dr. Sergio Ziotti, former owner. During the evening the employees donated a plate to Mrs. Hatebur and to Mr. Ziotti to demonstrate their gratitude. The Institutions that attended the dinner, Mr. Lorenza Riva, President of Confindustria, and Mr. Sergio Pirovano, President of Upiveb, expressed their esteem for the company, too.

“We wanted to celebrate the past, the present and the future of the company, together with all those who have crossed their lives with Carlo Salvi, with who is currently and will still be in the future will be part of the staff” said Mr. Marco Pizzi, Carlo Salvi CCO “because from 1939 to today this company has come a long way to be able to be nowadays one of the leading reality in the production of headers, selling its products not only in Italy but also abroad and anticipating the actual ecologist trend. Carlo Salvi is now appreciated all over the world for its technology, for its ability to look for new goals and new frontiers thanks to the employees that, with their passion, make Carlo Salvi every day more and more famous”. 

“With this party we wanted to point out the fact that our gaze is always directed towards the future” said Mr. Germano Pandiani, Carlo Salvi COO. “a look that over the years characterized the modus operandi of its founder, of all the management, of the company staff and of the Hatebur family, that since 2016 is managing Carlo Salvi. A progress that during this 80 year brought us to a remarkable production development. The strength of our company and the new products are the ingredients that make this possible”. 

Today the company is redesigning its role with a machinery line and solutions whose keywords are innovation and functionality. Facts confirm that the roads taken it the right one and are the business card of a society that wants to fight and compete on a constantly evolving market, even in this period of recession and crisis.