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Quick-release systems

Böllhoff’s  QUICKLOC® clamping, rotation and pressure locks create repeatedly releasable joints.

Easy to fit and even easier to operate –the right quick-release system also allows repeated opening and closing. QUICKLOC® is the perfect solution for components that are frequently used or serviced.

QUICKLOC® quick-release fasteners can be customised in terms of colour and design, are maintenance-free, vibration-resistant and have a captive seal to prevent loss.

QUICKLOC® clamping, rotation and pressure locks are used in all industrial sectors where repeatedly releasable joints for fast assembly are required. In industries including rail transport, the automotive sector, medical technology, compressor technology and heating engineering as well as aerospace.

Product benefits

•    Quick subassembly installation without tools
•    Resistant to dirt
•    Vibration-resistant
•    Reduced weight due to full-plastic design
•    Corrosion-free