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K&K developed machine that can inspect both bolts and nuts

K&K Engineering Corporation (Osaka) has developed a glass disk image inspection machine that can inspect both bolts and nuts.

In 2014, K&K developed an image inspection device using a glass disk with cylindrical parts as inspection targets. However, the company developed this device from the desire to make a device that can also inspect bolts with the same unit.

In development, K&K focused on the parts feeder setup change method and repeated trial and error to establish a disk transport system that allows both bolts and nuts to flow. This method is pending for a patent.

The workpiece is smoothly transferred from the parts feeder to the glass disk according to the shape of the workpiece, and it is circulated on the glass disk without falling down even with a bolt. Inspect from the top and bottom sides of the disk with a high-precision camera to detect normality and defects.

Switching from nuts to bolts enabled setup within 10 minutes of work time.

Setup is completed simply by changing the bowl of the parts feeder. Easy to handle even for non-experts. In this way, bolts and nuts can be easily inspected, making it a device that is pleased in the era of labor shortage, labor saving, space saving, and efficiency

by Shun Otsuki
President & Editor in Chief