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HIOS fastening system and small double-arm robot cooperate

HIOS Inc.(Tokyo) has started full-scale sales of fastening automation systems in cooperation with a robot rental business company with a special recess screw “Intertorque” with little wobble at the time of fastening and BLG-BC2 driver that detects fastening information in real time.
“Intertorque” is a special Hexalobular recess fastener with a hole to insert the tip that carries the “guide and lock function” called “super point” on the bit side.
It has the feature that the screw does not tilt or fall even when tightened sideways by preventing wobbling during fastening.

In addition, it can be used for tightening offsets to prevent fastening problems such as screw lift and cam-out, and because it can be tightened only by rotational force without applying thrust, it is compatible with small articulated robots with low output. It is a fastener that has good compatibility with automation.
The BLG-BC2 driver counts the number of motor rotation pulses and detects fastening errors in real time with high accuracy. The direct teaching function has a great feature that the driver can automatically recognize proper fastening by simply tightening a few screws on the workpiece.
HIOS has been proposing an automation system that combines an inter-torque and BLG-BC2 driver and a collaborative robot that contributes to labor saving.

This time, in collaboration with Tokyo Century Corporation. (Tokyo), which provides robot rental services, a service that can introduce an automatic screw tightening system using human-sponsored dual-arm SCARA robot “duAro” (manufactured by Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.) at low cost. They will start in earnest.
duAro has the same two arms as a person and can work in the same space as a person. It features not only simple mass production line work but also high versatility that can cope with workpiece changes.

By using a BLG-BC2 driver, which is used by humans without using a robot-specific driver, with a standard hand, it will appeal the good compatibility between the robot and the driver.
Because it is a rental service, it seems that it can be used for a temporary introduction or a trial introduction before full-scale capital investment.

by Shun Otsuki
President & Editor in Chief