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HALO inspection system

General Inspection,LLC Davisburg, MI USA installed another HALO inspection system, this time for a bolt maker in Spain.  This HALO is equipped with a total of 8 cameras providing 360o dimensional inspection, 360o visual defect detection, crack detection, recess inspection and recently developed bottom cameras for bearing surface analysis.

 The standard HALO utilizes 4 cameras that produce 8 images through a patented light sequencing process. HALO measures all profile features including; threads, lengths, diameters, tapers, angles, straightness, perpendicularity and concentricity with back lighting.  Simultaneously, HALO detects surface defects such as; dents, scratches, knurl damage, thread nicks and patch quality/presence with front lighting positioned from the top and bottom.
Additionally, two cameras positioned from the top are used to detect cracks and recess defects.  A specialty lens plus Gi’s software algorithms combine to deliver optimum crack detection capability at unmatched inspection rates. A second specialty lens is used to view the inner walls of recesses to detect small chipped punch defects, plating fill and dimensional measurements of recess features.   

Finally, two cameras mounted from the bottom provide bearing surface inspection.  Defects such as cracks, burrs, dents and other damages are detected using Gi’s sophisticated algorithms, advanced lighting techniques and a special “unobstructed view” part handling technique.    
 After searching the world for an inspection system that provides complete part coverage the Spanish bolt maker selected Gi.  Defect detection was key to the purchase decision, but inspection rates at a minimum of 285 parts per minute and less than 10 minute part changeover time were important factors.