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Bossong Spa upgrades BCR V-PLUS

Bossong Spa, manufacturer of chemical and mechanical fastening systems, is delighted to inform you that the BCR V-PLUS has been upgraded in accordance with the new EOTA guidelines and has obtained important new qualifications.

Thanks to the new qualifications and based on the EC_ETA load data, you have access to one of the best products on the European market with dual certification. ETA-09/0140 OPTION 7 FOR NON-CRACKED CONCRETE from M8 to M30 and from f8mm to f32mm and OPTION 1 FOR CRACKED CONCRETE with rods from M10 to M20.

This certification also includes the seismic qualification in accordance with the new TR049 guideline for the seismic qualification of anchoring systems under seismic action.

The product is, in fact, classified in SEISMIC PERFORMANCE CATEGORY C1 for diameters M12-M16-M20 and SEISMIC PERFORMANCE CATEGORY C2 (more demanding) for diameters M12-M16, thus making the product suitable for use in structural fixings in high-risk seismic areas.

The product has been approved for fixings with a variable anchoring depth to give added flexibility to design engineers. Maximum anchoring depth up to twenty times the nominal diameter of the threaded rod.

The product also have a second qualification, ETA-09/0246, for the qualification of rebars with improved adhesion (diameter from 8mm to 32mm) for POST-INSTALLED REBAR CONNECTIONS IN REINFORCED CONCRETE. Reduction of the minimum anchoring depth for the construction of post-installed rebar connections with improved adhesion.

The ETA also include FIRE RESISTANCE certification up to a maximum rating of R240.

Moreover, the product is qualified for the design and construction of POST-INSTALLED CONNECTIONS IN CASE OF SEISMIC ACTION according to the latest EAD 331522-00-0601 for diameters from f12mm to f32mm.

Possibility of anchoring installations with dust extraction drill bits. This method of installation avoids having to remove dust with an air pump and metal brush and, therefore, significantly cuts down on installation times.

Possibility of using the product in dry and wet concrete and flooded holes.

Thanks to the new qualification, it is also possible to carry out installations at temperatures < 0°C, making the product suitable for all types on environmental conditions.

The product also hardens in the presence of water.

The certified working temperature ranges are:

  • -40°C/+40°C (max T° long period = 24°C)
  • -40°C/+80°C (max T° long period = 50°C)
  • -40°C/+120°C (max T° long period = 72°C)

V-PLUS “Winter” and “Tropical” versions with accelerated and decelerated hardening times respectively.