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Japanese Fastener News

CROWN FASTENER strengthens the structure of forging and shaping

CROWN FASTENER CO.,LTD(Yamanashi) is strengthening its overall processing capabilities, from forging to shaping and pressing. The fifth plant was established in August last year. CROWN FASTENER strengthened the construction of the production system from forging to shaping secondary processing, and the number of employees according to it was increased.

Sales in fiscal 2018 increased 11% over the previous year to 1,620 million yen. Aim for sales of 17.50 billion yen in 2019.
They have expanded our business with high value-added products that utilize growth in new orders and secondary processing capabilities such as shaping and pressing that have been strengthened.
The newly built No. 5 plant (900 square meters) is a dedicated building for forging equipment, and 10 header machines will be added in addition to relocation from another plant. In addition to this, a dedicated processing chamber in which equipment for manufacturing molds is placed is provided to internally manufacture a forging die and a press die.

KOFU establishes building for production technology department

KOFUSEIBYO CO.,LTD(Yamanashi) built a production technology department building in the site of its head office last May. As a result, they secured space in the production plant and worked to expand header machines for automotive products.
The production technology division is responsible for manufacturing and maintaining functions such as rolling machines, sorting machines, and labor saving equipment manufactured in-house. Also responsible for the development and development of fastener feeders and parts feeders for sale. New building is site area 279. 3 square meters.
Moved the production technology department that had been in the factory to the new building.
In the empty factory space, header machines for φ8, formers for φ8, was introduced. 

As the demand for φ 1 to 2 class fasteners for electronic components, which had been the mainstay, has been reduced, they began focusing on cold heading parts for the automotive industry a few years ago.
Molds are manufactured by themselves. At present, they has adopted an outsourcing system for forming and secondary shaping process, but in the future, they will also consider introducing NC shaping equipment. They intend to apply the technology of precision fastener production to the production of large diameter products.

LINEX develops "Tribo", Lightweight, high strength, anti-loosening

LINEX INC.(Tokyo)exhibited at M-Tech Nagoya held in Aichi Prefecture for three days from April 17. They exhibited a new product "TRIBO" that enables light weight, high strength and prevention of loosening.
"Tribo" is a product of their own brand that combines multiple external patents. The product size is φ3 to 16. The main target range is φ5 to 10, and the demand for "light", "strong" and "do not loosen" is expected, mainly from the automotive industry.
The characteristic head recess “LH-SS” developed by OSG SYSTEM PRODUCTS Corporation which pursues torque transmission performance, has a height of 60 to 70% and a diameter of approximately 80% compared to the conventional hexagonal head. This makes the volume about 50% lighter.

As for "Tribo", refinement of grain size, reduction of impurities, precipitation of fine carbonitrides, high strength was achieved by using material steel grade “KNDS 4” developed by Kobe Steel, Ltd.
Unlike conventional symmetrical screw thread, by making it as a screw thread with asymmetric shape of right and left inclined shape of "MOTIONTITE" of Art Screw Development, strong loosening prevention strong against impact and vibration, and about 1.2 compared with conventional products Achieves double the fatigue strength and stable axial force without lubricating oil.


SAIMA clearly stated plating thickness "5 μm or more" on the package

SAIMA CORPORATION(Kanagawa), for the trivalent chromate series of ultra-low-head fasteners "Slim head screw", clearly stated plating thickness "5 μm or more", Ni plating series " Specify and sell "copper and Ni plating". Clarify the guarantee system.
"Slim head screw" is a fastener with a lower head height than conventional low head cap screws. By reducing the height of the head, a flat design without interference can be realized.
The head height of the M3 size is only 0.8 mm.

Furthermore, the product made of aluminum holds down the weight to one-third compared to the product made of iron and stainless steel, making it an ideal product for weight reduction.
In addition to being widely adopted in the field of electronic products and robots, the brand has become well established in the small-lot sales market of major online mail-orders.
This time, the package thickness of "5μm or more", which is one of the quality standard, was specified in the package of trivalent chromate series released last year.

At SAIMA, there have been users with a guarantee of “more than 5 μm”, and it has been made to order on a case-by-case basis, but it has been decided to make all inventory items “more than 5 μm” amid growing requests from small users. 
In addition, it is specified that Ni plating series is "copper and Ni plating" which is superior in adhesion, uniform electrodeposition property and corrosion resistance as compared with nickel single plating.
In this way, the quality assurance system for SAIMA products will be clarified and differentiated. The user submits the film thickness measurement result if necessary.

YAMASHINA develops "SPILEAD" for thin steel plates

YAMASHINA CORPORATION (Kyoto) developed "SPILEAD", a new product of tapping screws for thin steel plates. The unique screw shape enables stable fastening under different conditions, contributing to improvement in workability and realizing commonality of fasteners.
SPILEAD is a triple thread screw characterized by its unique thread form. It is used for a metal steel plate with a thickness of about 0.2 to 1 mm.
This fastener has a structure in which only one screw thread is high from the screw tip to the middle, thereby achieving a reduction in screwing torque. All threads are aligned near the lower neck, and it is possible to obtain a high breaking torque by assembling to the mating member with three threads.

This fastener enables stable fastening even if the torque difference is uneven due to a large torque difference. In addition, it exhibits a very strong response to variations in pilot hole diameter and the thickness of the mating material. YAMASHINA intends to provide stable fastening quality even at sites where management is difficult, especially overseas, with this product.


by Shun Otsuki

President & Editor in Chief