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Fastener Innovation Speaks Italian

The Italian Fastener Industry is an example of resilience throughout these changeable times.

The country is more and more becoming the hub of international players, especially the regions of Northern Italy, where the entrepreneurial spirit is deep-rooted and capable of transforming any challenges in an opportunity.

Dimac – Tortona, Alessandria (Piedmont) is supporting top ranking manufacturers like the Agrati Group – Veduggio con Colzano, Monza Brianza (Lombardy) to drive towards continuous innovation and push to further develop the whole segment.

A Name A Guarantee

Agrati Group is challenging the fasteners market as one of the first manufacturers worldwide, a top-class industry able to combine high-level mechanical skills to research and technology in order to provide OEMs and Tier1 customers worldwide, with a strong, continuous turnover growth.

Dimac is known for the state-of-the-art solutions committed to guarantee the 100% automatic inspection of fasteners and special parts.

The two companies have developed a profitable partnership 10 years long, to drive the quality of their products along the path to zero defects.

Agrati Group trusted in the Dimac machinery quality, flexibility and reliability since the beginning of this cooperation and now the company sorting departments are always one step ahead the competitors.

Dimac and Agrati Group are determined to ensure the market with 100% OK fasteners, bolts and nuts, reducing redundancy, minimizing errors or reworks, eventually saving time and money.

Quality for Tomorrow

The combination of forward-thinking companies like Agrati Group and Dimac promises to generate particular value in the world of fastener, touching on every aspect of the supply-chain management, from the design to the manufacturing, from the production processes and treatments to the inspection, sorting, packaging and delivery.

An impressive fleet of Dimac machines runs 24h/24, 7 days on 7 on the sorting departments of Agrati Group plants worldwide, in Europe, North America and China.

The Agrati plants worldwide can count on machinery like :

MCV1 modular machine guarantees up to 100 inspection criteria, applied with dimensional control all around 360°, an accuracy up to +/- 0,005 mm and a sorting rate up to 850 pcs/minute.

Just to give an idea of its special controls, the machine can e.g. mechanically inspect the recesses depth at the two ends of the parts with bits or interchangeable plug gages, detect cracks by high-speed eddy current equipment and control the straightness of the parts after the heat treatment.

MCV3 handle the total conformity of the oversized bolts: Dimac has placed a new generation NDT device with station at Agrati’s disposal to control their special high strength bolts.

Up to property classes 12.9, 14.9, 12.8 or 14.8, Agrati produces these parts for the main automotive applications: suspensions, brakes, steering, wheels, body, interiors, safety systems, engine and driveline.

Dimac NDT station principle of operation is based on a high-tech cylindrical probe positioned and set over the head part, or alternatively with a fork-coil probe where the shanks of the screws are passing through.

The system provides instant results, without influencing the test part, saving up to 80% of destructive analysis costs and the tool can be adjusted in less than 5 minutes.

Nuts and internally threaded fasteners – also with nylon and plastic inserts – are controlled in Agrati by the MCV5 glass rotary table-based series, which is able to detect any surface defects and, through the Double Face Check, it allows the simultaneous control of surface defectiveness on the two opposite faces of a part.

The MCV0 machine for ultra-precise and ultra-fast optical inspections of small fasteners below M2 and the MCV2 automatic machine with slant-tilting “V” track, suited for their parts with cylindrical symmetry are popular in the Agrati plants in France

One of the most recent model provided is the re-styled release of the high-efficiency model MCV4, that enhances the original high performances of the previous series by the installation of two high-end stations guaranteeing the crack detection strictest standards on 2 parts simultaneously.

Concerning the SPC measurement, Agrati’s production departments cope with statistical reports, PPAP and centralized data collection by using the SPC-LAB mobile station, which reduces the time for the SPC controls, lowering the use of manual calipers and micrometers as well as metrology room sessions.

Innovations must meet certain criteria to be successful, including meeting customer needs, satisfying expense and return on investment requirements, constantly improving product quality.

In those terms, the cooperation between Dimac and Agrati Group drives along the same path. Both companies committed to provide excellent products and services through cutting-edge technologies, This partnership could be the pivotal juncture to further evolve the zero-defect target, including the innovation that defines the quality of tomorrow