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Fastener EurAsia Magazine has been published actively by Ana Yayincilik, since 1997.

12.000 printed distribution via mail

100.000 digital distribution via internet

Distribution in 20 International Fastener Fairs and in Turkey, in 50 sectoral fairs

Fastener manufacturers who use cold working, hot working, machining, sheet metal processing, forging, moulding and plastic forming techniques,

Fastener wholesalers and importers,

Fastener users (Automotive basic and supply industry, major appliance basic and supply industry, machinery, construction, electric, furniture, lightening, defense industry, ship building, window, glassware, medical, elevator, trailer, mould, plastic, farm and building machinery, heating and cooling),

The companies which supply machines, moulds and raw material to fastener sector,

Foreign trade companies, consulates, institutions, associations, undersecretariates,

Fastener EurAsia Magazine has been publicated in Turkey and has been prepared both, in English and Turkish, for 11 years and distributed on international platform.

Fastener EurAsia Magazine reaches 56 countries below:

 Algeria  France  Mexico  Spain
 Argentina  Germany  Morocco  Sudan
 Austria  Holland  Norway  Sweden
 Azerbaijan  Hungary  Pakistan  Swiss
 Belgium  India  Poland  Syria
 Belarus  Indonesia  Portugal  Taiwan
 Brasil  Iran  Romania  Thailand
 Canada  Iraq  Russia  Tunisia
 China  Ireland  Serbia  Turkey
 Croatia  Israel  Singapore  Turkmenistan
 Czech Republic  Italy  Slovakia  Ukraine
 Denmark  Japan  Slovenia  United Kingdom
 Egypt  Kazakhistan  South Africa  USA
 Finland  Malaysia  South Korea  Uzbekistan


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