Turkeys Household Appliances, Parts And Components Manufacturing

From Assembly-Line to Original Design and Technology
The Turkish household appliances sector started production as an assembly industry in the 1950s. The first product was manufactured in 1955 and the first Turkish-made refrigerator was on the market in 1960. The Turkish household appliances industry has achieved tremendous growth since then. Having started out with companies working under licensing agreements and then passed over to know-how usage, the sector today has carved out some major success in world markets with its original design and technology. Now, the household appliances industry is one of the well-established and  dynamic sectors in Turkey. The industry is mainly composed of two subsectors; namely, the white goods (durables) which dominates the sector and the small household appliances. With its production of more than 28 million units, the white goods industry has become a significant focus of production in the last 10 years while Turkey has become the leading country in Europe in the white goods sector. 

In addition to over 50 medium-scale manufacturing companies and the major producers in the market, there are also around 500 supplier companies of parts and components. About 182 of these supplier firms are organized under the “White Goods Parts Suppliers Association of Turkey - BEYSAD” while six major producers are the members of the “White Goods Industrialists Association of Turkey - BESD”. Furthermore, another association called “Small Domestic Appliances Industrialists Association - KESID” has been established in the household appliances sector.
Turkish household appliances producers have created their original strong brands, leading to tight consumer-dependence in the domestic market while gaining ground in foreign markets, mainly in the EU countries. Some of the major brands in the domestic market are: Arçelik,  Beko,  Altus,  Aygaz,  (Arçelik);  Profilo,  Bosch,  Siemens  (BSH-Profilo);  Ariston, Philco, Indesit (Merloni); Teba (Teba); Vestel, Regal (Vestel); Demirdöküm (Vaillant), Kumtel (Kumtel,Luxell), etc.

Product range is wide enough to supply European markets and satisfy sophisticated European customers. The built-in appliances category is another rapidly developing product range in Turkey.

Since Turkish manufacturers give high priority to innovation and new product development, research and development activities are carried out consistently.
Turkish household appliances manufacturers closely follow international and national developments in environmental issues and comply with environmental legislation and regulations. On the other hand, new generation products are now more efficient and energy-saving, allowing a reduction in the amount of water and detergents. Noise emission is another factor taken into account in the manufacturing process.
As for consumer services, end-users are well-served by the after-sales services of the appliance manufacturers. The household appliances industry follows strict legislation on after-sales services in Turkey.
The household appliances sector of Turkey has turned its attention to exporting its products in the last decade. The reasons behind the continuous growth in exports in recent years are as follows: (the) high-technology used in the production process; attention paid to research and development activities by Turkish manufacturers and the increase in the share of these activities within the budget; full comprehension of the ISO Series of quality standards by manufacturers and the growing efforts to acquire these certificates; the rising number of Turkish companies which have ISO Certificates; the consideration of customer preferences in the designing phase; the consideration of the priorities of the foreign end-users as well as the domestic ones; improved marketing techniques used and well-established after sales services .
The exports of household appliances industry stood at US $2,684 million in 2017.
Refrigerators, washing machines, ovens-cookers, deep freezers and dishwashers are the leading export products of the sector. In 2017, Turkey ranked the 6th in refrigerators, the 4th in dishwashers and the 5th in washing machines exports worldwide.
Turkish household appliances industry exports its products to 200 customs territories worldwide. The major exports market for Turkish household appliances industry is the EU.
Viewing the export figures of 2017, it is seen that ten of the biggest fifteen importers are EU countries. In 2017, the UK, the major importer country, mainly imports washing machines ($173 million), ovens ($158 million) and refrigerators ($111 million) from Turkey. Exports realized by Turkish household appliances industry to the EU stood at US $1 billion 746 million in 2017, covering 65% of total appliances exports.
Turkish manufacturers are conscious of quality, safety and the environmental aspects of production. All Turkish manufacturers have affixed the CE Mark to their products both for exportation to the EU and for the domestic market. In 2003, it became obligatory to fulfill the CE Mark
requirements in order to sell products in the Turkish domestic market. In the meanwhile, Turkish manufacturers closely follow developments in international quality and environmental standards. The number of companies which have ISO 9000 Certificates is increasing steadily.


Date : 05.12.2018