June 2018 Turkeys Fasteners Export Report

BAKIEL (Fasteners, locks, hand tools)
In the report, the sectors and product groups that constitute Bakiel are listed and export and import data of the related sectors are given comparatively.
In Turkey’s Bakiel Sector an increase of 4,98% is observed in June 2017 on a monthly basis compared with June 2018 exports.
In June 2018, exports of the fasteners sector increased by 181,53% by value compared to the same month of the previous year, while a decrease of 4,70% was recorded in the lock and building equipment sector and of 305,77% in hand tools sector.
While Germany was ranking as the most Bakiel exported country from Turkey, compared to the same period last year an increase of 67,33% on exports to Uzbekistan was observed. There was an increase of 33.47% in exports to Iraq, and among the top 10 export destinations to Germany the export dropped by 12.94%, to Iran by 14.03%  and to Spain 14.03%. 
In exports made to Uzbekistan, the value of hand tools products increased by 247.98%, and in exports made to Iraq, it increased by 49.65% in handicrafts product group.
Sector imports increased by 2.13% in January-June 2018 compared to data for the same period of the previous year.
Germany becomes the first among the countries Turkey made imports from in Bakiel products with 10.03% increase compared to the same period last year. An increase of 17.31% in imports from Hungary constituted the most significant increase in the sector’s imports. 
The increase in imports from Hungary in 2018 compared to 2017, mostly was in the products of HS 8207 (67,84% increase) of the hand tools product group, another significant increase occurred in the product group of locks and building equipment of HS 8302 (35.25% increase). 
Source: IDDMIB 




Date : 06.08.2018