Finlands First Electric Aircraft

The flight test of Alpha Electro, the first electric aircraft in the country, took place in Helsinki Malmi airport on 2 August.
The noiceless airplane that produce noice only as much as a laptop computer fan does, rose up to 20 meters. Beside eliminating noice experts estimate that electric aircraft engines can reduce carbon emissions by 80 percent.
It is anticipated that electrical aircraft in the country will be able to start commercial electric flight operations from 2020 on and can be used as an air-cab. On the other hand, electric-powered airplanes, which are currently only available for short-haul flights, are said to be unable to transport to the destinations even within 200 km.
Alpha Electro, which costs 150,000 euros, can be used for flight training and can reduce the cost of pilot licenses by 30%. 

Date : 21.09.2018