Turkey BAKIEL (Fasteners, Locks, Hand Tools) Industry Report

While comparing the October 2016 and October 2017 of Turkey’s Faloh Industry exports, the sector is observed that there is an increase of 22.70% in exports.
In October 2017 Hand Tools Sector’s exports have increased by 39.97%, fasteners sector by 25.82%,  and lock and building equipment sector by 16.19%.
On the exports to Germany, as the top exporting destination for Faloh of Turkey, a year-on-year increase of 26.75% was observed. There was 1.21% decrease in exports to Romania. 
Within the exports to Germany, there was an increase on the items hs code 8207 of hand tools sector (by 321.78%), hs code 8302 in lock and building hardware sector (by 11.86%), hs code 7318 in fasterners line (by 19.59%). 
The decrease of exports to Romania includes hand tool item hs code 8201 (by 79.24%) and fastener item hs code 7317 (by 68.56%).
Sector imports from January to September 2017 decreased by 1.21% compared to the same period of previous year. 
While Germany was the most imported country of Turkey in Faloh, the volume of the import made was increased by 2.37% compared to last year. 
Turkey’s most significant increase in Faloh imports occurred in the imports from France with 6.70%.
The most serious decline in Falohat imports of Turkey was 13.04% which made from Taiwan.
Imports made during January-September 2017 from France increased on the fastener item hs code 7318 (by 7.86%) and hand tools item hs code 8207 (by 49.08%) compared to January-September 2016. 
In the imports from Taiwan, the most significant decrease has occurred with the fastener item hs code 7318 (by 19.55%) and locks and building hardware item hs code 8302 (by 28.71%).

Date : 09.03.2018