Plastic Multi-Purpose Anchor Shark Pro By Wrth

The most versatile plastic anchor. Knots into cavities, expands in solid materials.
Material: PA - Polyamide
Colour: Anthracite
Required screw length (l s): Thickness of the add-on part (+ plaster/insulation thickness) + anchor length + screw diameter
Max. attachment height (d a) - condition: Dependent on screw length
Ensures knotting in all cavities and spreading in all solid materials
Anti-rotation device or twist lock prevents turning in the drill hole
Patented anchor head causes knotting of the anchor shaft when the screw is screwed in
Quick and easy assembly
Low insertion torque and high fixed torque
Suitable for cotter-pin and push-through installation
Fold-down anchor collar
The hammer-in stop prevents premature expansion during push-through installation
Resistant to rotting, weathering and ageing
Made of high-quality polyamide (Nylon)
Halogen-free and silicone-free
Thermally stable from –40°C to +100°C  

Date : 02.10.2018