Macdermid Enthone Industrial Solutions Presented Zinklad For Unrivaled Surface Finishing Consistency at Fastener Fair Usa 2018

MacDermid Enthone Industrial Solutions, a division of MacDermid Performance Solutions, showcased its range of cutting-edge surface coatings for automotive applications at Fastener Fair USA 2018. Combining unrivaled expertise and pioneering technology, the company highlighted its unique quality assurance program ZinKlad, for ensuring consistent, high-performance surface finishing of fastener components. Visitors to the show also discovered MacDermid Enthone’s new, innovative ZinKlad 750 coating, specifically developed for protecting fasteners used for electrical grounding applications.
At booth 427, MacDermid Enthone demonstrated its capabilities for the manufacturing of anti-corrosion components with its leading ZinKlad program.
Visitors to the two-day event could be able to explore a range of ZinKlad coatings for anti-corrosion:
ZinKlad 750, an electroplated deposit especially designed for electrical grounding fasteners in automotive applications. The first of its kind available to the market, ZinKlad 750 consists of 70 - 75% tin that can resist 23 cycles of GMW14872 cyclic corrosion testing or 1,000 hours of neutral salt spray testing;
ZinKlad 1000, for use on exterior fasteners for superior quality and appearance. Compared to organic-based alternatives, ZinKlad 1000 offers more control over the thickness of coatings. Additionally, compared to other electroplated sacrificial coatings, it also reduces the effect of hydrogen embrittlement;
ZinKlad 1000 B delivers the same high-corrosion resistant performance as ZinKlad 1000, while providing a glossy black appearance. The finish is used by OEMs across the world for its consistent, aesthetic appeal;
ZinKlad 250, the original hexavalent chromium-free finish for powertrain fasteners. With low total film thickness and consistent coefficient of friction properties, ZinKlad 250 offers superior corrosion and abrasion resistance, and;
ZinKlad 72, used in engine and gearbox applications to give fasteners predictable coefficient of friction properties. The coating provides applicators with several advantages including economical low consumption, cost-effective working temperature and reduced sludge formation.

Date : 18.05.2018