Italian Union of Fastener Distributors

UDIB, Unione Distributori Italiani Bulloneria (Italian Union of Fastener Distributors) was founded in 1976 with the purpose to unite Italy’s major fastener distributors.

The purpose of the Association is to regulate and standardise the relations among fastener distributors and between these and national and international manufacturers. The association is made up of natural persons, sole proprietorships, and commercial companies whose main activity and specialisation is the distribution of fasteners (nuts and bolts and similar items).
UDIB aims at promoting relations among the members and provide technical and regulatory support, thereby solving the problems encountered by the companies of this sector in a unified manner.
The current President, Gian Marco Dalpane, was elected in 2012 and, for the first time, the general assembly granted him the opportunity to choose the members of the board. Later on the President has been reconfirmed for a second mandatory untill 2018.

Date : 21.09.2018