Adhesive Bonding in Seconds

ONSERT® – fast joining of fasteners using light-curing adhesives without loss of performance.

Böllhoff  has developed a new technology: ONSERT®. It is a joint development by Böllhoff and DELO. On the one hand, there is Böllhoff as the fastening and assembly expert and on the other hand DELO as the adhesive expert. Fastening elements made of transparent/translucent plastic with or without thread reinforcement can be fixed with light-curing adhesive. DELO-PHOTOBOND and DELO-DUALBOND adhesives are primarily used. They are light-curing one- and two-component acrylates.
Adhesive is applied to the foot which is then joined on the surface of the component. The thickness of the adhesive layer is regulated through spacers and usually ranges between 0.1 and 0.2 mm. The speed of this method is particularly impressive. Curing with an LED takes about 4 seconds. This process can even be fully automated. The joint can immediately be loaded.
This surface- and component-friendly fastening technology can be employed to join composite materials with further components, for example. Material flexibility is high and the resistance to dynamic forces good. Adhesive bonding is a simple process so an efficient automation and high cycle times can be achieved. All in all, the user benefits from the economic adhesive processing which can be integrated into the industrial process in many different ways. Which is, by the way, the main focus in the development of this innovative joining method. 

Date : 21.09.2018